Cat's Eye Character Descriptions

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Andrea - This character is a young newspaper reporter between twenty and thirty years old, who conducts an interview about the painter's retrospective.

Mr. Banerji - This character is an Indian student of the main character's father who comes to Christmas dinner with their family. Later, this character marries and becomes a professor at the University of Toronto.

Ben - This character is is the main character's second spouse. This character has a son by a previous marriage and runs a travel agency specializing in Mexican destinations.

Carol Campbell - This delicate character's parents are strict, and regularly mete out corporal (physical) punishment.

Charna - This character organizes the main character's retrospective at the Sub-Versions gallery in Toronto and writes a catalog that uses scholarly and trendy language to interpret the paintings.

Cordelia - This person, who was expelled from private school for making an obscene...

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