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Chapter 1

• In flashback, the narrator, Elaine, and her high school friend, Cordelia, ride the Toronto streetcars and criticize the old women.

• Elaine has strong, unhappy feelings toward her childhood friend, Cordelia, and fantasizes meeting her again now that she's in Toronto again.

Chapter 2

• Elaine, who has a husband, Ben, and two daughters, is staying at her ex-husband, Jon's, studio in Toronto for an art retrospective of her work.

• Up to the age of eight, Elaine's family traveled because her father was a traveling insect researcher, and unhappily for Elaine, they moved to Toronto when Elaine's father got a job at the University of Toronto.

Chapter 3

• Elaine goes to buy a new dress for the exhibition, and a young person tries to steal her wallet. Elaine irrationally thinks of Cordelia.

• As a young child new in Toronto, Elaine befriends Carol, Grace, and Cordelia, but Elaine is different from her...

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