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This unique variation of a frozen crystal is Dr. Felix Hoenikker's final invention. It has a melting point of 114 degrees Fahrenheit, meaning it is solid at room temperature. This destructive secret weapon symbolizes the destructive power of the nuclear bomb.

The Cat's Cradle

This ancient children's game with no meaning symbolizes all the elaborate belief systems that humans construct in order to give meaning to life, including religion, business, truth, democracy, nationalism, government, family, love and art.

The Iron Hook

This object is used as a means for executions of followers of Bokononism and represents religious oppression.

The Day the World Ended

This is the title of the book that John is working on when he is led to meet the Hoenikkers. It stands as symbolic foreshadowing in the novel, foretelling the destruction of humanity.

Frank's House

This setting is described as existing beneath a waterfall. It...

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