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Comparisons to Today

Kurt Vonnegut's Cat's Cradle is a satire that warns that if technological advancement continues without a concurrent growth in ethical awareness, annihilation of the human race is a real possibility. Examine how this theme has played out in American society from the 1960s to today. How many of Vonnegut's "prophesies" of mankind to you regard to have come to fruition?

Bokononism and Ritual

The fictitious religion that Vonnegut has created in Cat's Cradle is called Bokononism. This religion has its own words, concepts, and philosophies. Prepare a sermon of Bokononism for the class, employing Vonnegut's language and ideals.

Ice-nine and the Hydrogen Bomb

There are clear correlations between the substance called "Ice-nine" and the nuclear arms race during the 1960s. Develop a presentation that explores these correlations and the dangers of the atomic age.

Map of San Lorenzo

Create a map of San Lorenzo using...

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