Cat's Cradle Character Descriptions

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This character is the protagonist and narrator of Cat's Cradle. Although he ridicules materialistic Americans throughout the novel, he shares in privilege himself, as a Cornell graduate and fraternity member. He is working on a novel called The Day the World Ended, about Aug. 6, 1945, and his research on this project brings him, eventually, to San Lorenzo.

Franklin Hoenikker

This character's passion during high school is building models, especially elaborate layouts for model trains. As an adult, he ends up in San Lorenzo after becoming a fugitive. Once the president of the island country learns that this character is the son of a Nobel Prize winner, he is rewarded with the position of Minister of Science and Progress.

Newton Hoenikker

This character describes himself as a midget at four feet tall. When he is introduced into the novel, he has just flunked out of Cornell's pre-med program.

Angela Hoenikker

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