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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What story does Big Daddy tell at the party?
(a) About Brick's days as a football star
(b) How he came to own the plantation
(c) About his illness and recovery
(d) How he met Big Mama

2. For what is the other thing Big Daddy has respect?
(a) Being a good fisherman
(b) Being a good husband
(c) Being a good planter
(d) Being a good father

3. Big Daddy bristles at the talk of ___________.
(a) Death
(b) No-neck monsters
(c) Church
(d) Taxes

4. What question has been puzzling Big Daddy lately?
(a) What to plant next spring
(b) To whom to leave the plantation
(c) Whether to build a swimming pool
(d) Who should oversee the plantation

5. What are Big Daddy's intentions regarding pleasure now?
(a) He wants to shower Big Mama with gifts
(b) He wants to take a second honeymoon with Big Mama
(c) He wants to make up for lost time
(d) He wants to find his old girlfriends

Short Answer Questions

1. What profession did Brick and Skipper have?

2. Why is Big Daddy annoyed with Big Mama?

3. What does Big Daddy withhold from Brick?

4. Why have all the people gathered at the Pollitt home?

5. How old was Big Daddy when he started to work on the plantation?

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