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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Big Daddy believe about Brick and Skipper's relationship?
(a) It was platonic
(b) It was non existent
(c) It was business only
(d) It was sexual

2. What was Big Daddy's second job at the plantation?
(a) Gardener
(b) Overseer
(c) Cook
(d) Stable boy

3. Brick tells Big Daddy that he drinks ______________________.
(a) To pass out
(b) To get high
(c) To forget
(d) To dull his senses

4. When does Big Daddy say that Brick began to drink?
(a) When Big Daddy got sick
(b) When he lost his job
(c) When Skipper died
(d) When Maggie had a miscarriage

5. What does Brick say the world is full of?
(a) Cheats
(b) Mendacity
(c) Alcoholics
(d) Cripples

6. When does Big Daddy think he will have to decide who to leave the plantation to when he dies?
(a) 15-20 years
(b) Never
(c) 5-10 years
(d) 1-5 years

7. What does Big Daddy ask Brick?
(a) How he broke his ankle at three o'clock in the morning
(b) When he and Maggie will have a child
(c) What he brought for his birthday
(d) Why he quit his job

8. Who lured Skipper into bed one night to disprove his homosexuality?
(a) Lacey
(b) Skipper
(c) Maggie
(d) Mae

9. Where are the other party guests?
(a) The back patio
(b) The den
(c) The gallery
(d) The veranda

10. For what is one of the things Big Daddy has respect?
(a) Gooper
(b) Big Mama
(c) Maggie
(d) Brick

11. Big Mama chastises Brick for _________________.
(a) Crashing his car
(b) Ignoring Maggie
(c) Drinking too much
(d) Buying expensive clothes

12. What does Brick decide to tell Big Daddy tonight?
(a) The truth about his drinking
(b) The truth about his marriage
(c) The truth about Skipper
(d) The truth about his finances

13. What is Big Daddy interested in now?
(a) Building on to the house
(b) Going fly fishing
(c) Traveling to Europe
(d) Pleasure in the company of women

14. Why does Brick repeatedly try to leave the room?
(a) He wants to get something to eat
(b) He knows Big Daddy has cancer
(c) He wants to go to bed
(d) He needs another drink

15. What changes Big Daddy's view on the question now?
(a) His disgust of Gooper and Mae
(b) His clean bill of health
(c) His hatred of Big Mama
(d) Maggie's pregnancy

Short Answer Questions

1. Big Daddy says he is not about to release the plantation to whom?

2. With what does Big Daddy tell Brick he is familiar?

3. What was Big Daddy's first job at the plantation?

4. What job did Brick recently quit?

5. What question has been puzzling Big Daddy lately?

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