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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Big Daddy annoyed with Big Mama?
(a) She fusses with his shirt collar
(b) She continually interrupts him
(c) She kisses all over his face
(d) She drinks too much champagne

2. Big Mama feels that Big Daddy is _____________?
(a) Insensitive
(b) Despotic
(c) Handsome
(d) Magnetic

3. What does Big Daddy think about the state of his health?
(a) He has only a few weeks to live
(b) He needs more tests
(c) He does have cancer
(d) He does not have cancer

4. Big Daddy says he is not about to release the plantation to whom?
(a) Gooper
(b) Big Mama
(c) Brick
(d) Ol' Joe

5. Brick tells Big Daddy that he drinks ______________________.
(a) To dull his senses
(b) To pass out
(c) To get high
(d) To forget

6. What was Big Daddy's second job at the plantation?
(a) Stable boy
(b) Overseer
(c) Cook
(d) Gardener

7. What role does Big Mama hold in the family?
(a) Business person
(b) Religious conscience
(c) Matriarch
(d) Cook

8. Big Daddy admits that making love to Big Mama always ______________ him.
(a) repulsed
(b) excited
(c) calmed
(d) validated

9. What is Big Daddy interested in now?
(a) Going fly fishing
(b) Building on to the house
(c) Traveling to Europe
(d) Pleasure in the company of women

10. What does Brick say the world is full of?
(a) Alcoholics
(b) Mendacity
(c) Cheats
(d) Cripples

11. Who are the usual occupants of the room?
(a) The no-necked monsters
(b) Big Daddy and Big Mama
(c) Gooper and Mae
(d) Brick and Maggie

12. Who orders the no-neck monsters out of the room?
(a) Big Daddy
(b) Gooper
(c) Brick
(d) Maggie

13. What question has been puzzling Big Daddy lately?
(a) Who should oversee the plantation
(b) To whom to leave the plantation
(c) What to plant next spring
(d) Whether to build a swimming pool

14. What profession did Brick and Skipper have?
(a) Pro football players
(b) Sports announcers
(c) Doctors
(d) Attorneys

15. Where are the other party guests?
(a) The gallery
(b) The den
(c) The back patio
(d) The veranda

Short Answer Questions

1. What are the allegations about Brick's early morning escapade?

2. What is Reverend Tooker's topic of conversation?

3. What did Brick do when a drunken Skipper had called him to confess his feelings?

4. What does Big Daddy call Big Mama?

5. Big Daddy tells Big Mama that she is no longer in charge of the plantation because ________________________.

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