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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What job did Brick recently quit?
(a) Sports Announcer
(b) Football coach
(c) Accountant
(d) Lawyer

2. What topic does Big Daddy want to discuss with Brick?
(a) Maggie
(b) Brick's inheritance
(c) Brick's alcoholism
(d) Brick's job

3. How many acres does the Pollitt plantation cover?
(a) 10,000
(b) 28,000
(c) 100,000
(d) 54,000

4. Big Daddy thinks he has escaped ______________________.
(a) Divorce from Big Mama
(b) A malaria epidemic
(c) A diagnosis of cancer
(d) A stock market crash

5. Big Daddy says he is not about to release the plantation to whom?
(a) Brick
(b) Big Mama
(c) Ol' Joe
(d) Gooper

6. What is Big Mama's physical appearance?
(a) Short and overweight
(b) Tall and slender
(c) Statuesque and willowy
(d) Short and skinny

7. What are the party guests doing?
(a) Eating dinner
(b) Playing games
(c) Watching fireworks
(d) Swimming

8. What other truth does Brick reveal to Big Daddy?
(a) Big Daddy is dying
(b) Maggie had a miscarriage
(c) Maggie cannot get pregnant
(d) Maggie is divorcing Brick

9. What is Big Daddy interested in now?
(a) Traveling to Europe
(b) Going fly fishing
(c) Pleasure in the company of women
(d) Building on to the house

10. What are the allegations about Brick's early morning escapade?
(a) He was with another woman
(b) He crashed his car
(c) He was looking for drugs
(d) He was stoned

11. Big Daddy tells Big Mama that she is no longer in charge of the plantation because ________________________.
(a) He has left it to Brick
(b) He is healthy now
(c) He has left it to Gooper
(d) He has sold it

12. What does Big Daddy withhold from Brick?
(a) His crutch
(b) A check
(c) Dinner
(d) A drink

13. What story does Big Daddy tell at the party?
(a) About Brick's days as a football star
(b) How he came to own the plantation
(c) About his illness and recovery
(d) How he met Big Mama

14. What did Brick do when a drunken Skipper had called him to confess his feelings?
(a) Hung up on him
(b) Quit his job
(c) Ended his marriage
(d) Slept with his wife

15. What does Big Mama do after Big Daddy's comments?
(a) Kisses him
(b) Leaves the room crying
(c) Blushes
(d) Hugs him

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Big Mama's demeanor?

2. Why is Big Daddy annoyed with Big Mama?

3. Big Mama chastises Brick for _________________.

4. What question has been puzzling Big Daddy lately?

5. How old was Big Daddy when he started to work on the plantation?

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