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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When does Big Daddy say that Brick began to drink?
(a) When Skipper died
(b) When Big Daddy got sick
(c) When Maggie had a miscarriage
(d) When he lost his job

2. What does Big Daddy withhold from Brick?
(a) A check
(b) His crutch
(c) Dinner
(d) A drink

3. What are Big Daddy's intentions regarding pleasure now?
(a) He wants to find his old girlfriends
(b) He wants to shower Big Mama with gifts
(c) He wants to take a second honeymoon with Big Mama
(d) He wants to make up for lost time

4. What do many of the Pollitt family members consider Big Mama to be?
(a) An embarrassment
(b) Glue that keeps them together
(c) A saint
(d) Salt of the earth

5. What is Big Mama's demeanor?
(a) Demure
(b) Sullen
(c) Reserved
(d) Coarse

6. Brick tells Big Daddy that he drinks ______________________.
(a) To get high
(b) To dull his senses
(c) To pass out
(d) To forget

7. What job did Brick recently quit?
(a) Lawyer
(b) Football coach
(c) Sports Announcer
(d) Accountant

8. What does Big Daddy ask Brick?
(a) What he brought for his birthday
(b) How he broke his ankle at three o'clock in the morning
(c) Why he quit his job
(d) When he and Maggie will have a child

9. What does Big Mama do after Big Daddy's comments?
(a) Leaves the room crying
(b) Blushes
(c) Hugs him
(d) Kisses him

10. What story does Big Daddy tell at the party?
(a) About his illness and recovery
(b) How he came to own the plantation
(c) About Brick's days as a football star
(d) How he met Big Mama

11. Big Daddy thinks he has escaped ______________________.
(a) A diagnosis of cancer
(b) A malaria epidemic
(c) A stock market crash
(d) Divorce from Big Mama

12. What topic does Big Daddy want to discuss with Brick?
(a) Brick's alcoholism
(b) Brick's inheritance
(c) Brick's job
(d) Maggie

13. What were the rumors about Brick and Skipper?
(a) That they had affairs with each other's wives
(b) That they were lovers
(c) That they were ruthless business partners
(d) That they filed bankruptcy

14. From whom did Big Daddy buy the plantation?
(a) The Belvedere brothers
(b) Mae's family
(c) Mr. Straw and Mr. Ochello
(d) Mr. Johnson Hall

15. Why does Brick repeatedly try to leave the room?
(a) He needs another drink
(b) He wants to go to bed
(c) He knows Big Daddy has cancer
(d) He wants to get something to eat

Short Answer Questions

1. What do the no-neck monsters do?

2. Why is Big Daddy annoyed with Big Mama?

3. Who lured Skipper into bed one night to disprove his homosexuality?

4. According to Brick, the only other option for escape is ______________.

5. How did Brick injure himself?

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