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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Big Mama talk to on the phone about Big Daddy's diagnosis?
(a) Mae
(b) Miss Sally
(c) Miss Ellie
(d) Reverend Mitchell

2. Who does Big Mama blame for the demise of Brick and Maggie's marriage?
(a) Skipper
(b) Gooper
(c) Maggie
(d) Brick

3. With which one of Brick's friends did Maggie make love?
(a) Chad
(b) Schooner
(c) Chip
(d) Skipper

4. What is Maggie's plan regarding her marriage?
(a) She is about at the end of her patience
(b) She wishes she never married
(c) She is going to stay until it is better again
(d) She is divorcing Brick as soon as possible

5. What does Maggie offer Brick as some relief from the summer heat?
(a) An alcohol rub
(b) Some cold lemonade
(c) A dip in the pool
(d) A cold beer

6. What advantage does Maggie think that Gooper and Mae have in the inheritance?
(a) They have several children
(b) They go to church regularly
(c) They are the oldest
(d) They have strong investment skills

7. What would help Maggie endure her ongoing state of sexual deprivation?
(a) If she would do volunteer work
(b) If she would take a lover
(c) If Brick would lose his looks
(d) If Brick would just be nice to her again

8. According to Maggie, you can be young without ______________ but you cannot be old without it.
(a) Money
(b) Liquor
(c) Property
(d) A sense of humor

9. How are the two main characters related?
(a) They are best friends
(b) They are married
(c) Brother and sister
(d) They work together

10. In what state does the family live?
(a) Louisiana
(b) Mississippi
(c) Georgia
(d) Montana

11. What does the doctor intend to tell Big Mama tonight?
(a) Which medications Big Daddy needs
(b) The truth about Big Daddy's disease
(c) That she has cancer
(d) That Big Daddy needs a vacation

12. What does Maggie call Mae's children?
(a) Minor annoyances
(b) Balls of sugar
(c) No-neck monsters
(d) Little darlings

13. What does Big Mama think Big Daddy's disease is?
(a) Spastic colon
(b) Gastroparesis
(c) Gastroenteritis
(d) Acid reflux

14. Who is the other main character?
(a) Alice
(b) Marjorie
(c) Maggie
(d) Marie

15. Why is the play's name attributed to that character?
(a) Jumpy nerves
(b) Feline facial characteristics
(c) High spirits and perseverance
(d) Feline movements

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Maggie plead with Brick?

2. What is Mae's family background?

3. How does Brick feel about the upcoming event?

4. What does Maggie call herself?

5. Who interrupts Brick and Maggie as they argue?

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