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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Big Mama chastises Brick for _________________.
(a) Crashing his car
(b) Ignoring Maggie
(c) Buying expensive clothes
(d) Drinking too much

2. What does Maggie offer Brick as some relief from the summer heat?
(a) A cold beer
(b) A dip in the pool
(c) Some cold lemonade
(d) An alcohol rub

3. Who does Maggie think will be named the primary beneficiaries in Big Daddy's will?
(a) Brick and Maggie
(b) Mrs. Pollitt
(c) Gooper and Mae
(d) The church

4. What is Mae's family background?
(a) Cultured family from New Orleans
(b) Prominent family in Memphis
(c) Poor white trash from Tupelo
(d) A snooty family from Boston

5. What other advantage do Brick and Maggie have in the inheritance issue?
(a) Maggie is pregnant
(b) Brick is very loyal to Big Daddy
(c) Big Mama's respect for Brick
(d) Big Daddy finds Maggie attractive

Short Answer Questions

1. When does Big Daddy think he will have to decide who to leave the plantation to when he dies?

2. What do the no-neck monsters do?

3. What job did Brick recently quit?

4. Why is Big Daddy annoyed with Big Mama?

5. In what state does the family live?

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