Catherine, Called Birdy Character Descriptions

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This character is the protagonist of the novel.


This character falls in love with the protagonist's best friend.


This character is a landed baron.

Shaggy Beard

This character is engaged to marry the protagonist but dies near the end of the novel.


This character is the pig-boy and a close friend of the protagonist.

Perkin's Granny

This character's cottage is left to a pair of newlyweds in the village.

Catherine's Mother

This character has her fifth miscarriage before giving birth near the end of the novel.


This character is the brother of the protagonist. He is a monk.


This character stops someone from killing the protagonist's dog.


This character informs the family that every member of a certain race has left England.


This character is the protagonist's aunt and is considered somewhat insane.

The King's Cousin

This character is the...

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