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September and October

• The reader is introduced to the protagonist of the novel, Catherine.

• Secondary characters are introduced, including Perkin, Catherine's brothers and some of her suitors.

• Catherine scares off a suitor at dinner by appearing as unattractive as she can.

• Catherine describes her family life and village life. Her father is a country knight.

• Catherine mentions a group of Jewish people who travel through her village.

• Catherine talks with an old Jewish woman who tells her to be herself.

• Catherine puts a wedding ring under her pillow to dream of her husband, but she is unsuccessful.

• Catherine helps the villagers build a house for Ralph Littlemouse.

• Catherine scares off another suitor by talking badly about herself when he is unaware that she is Lady Catherine.

• Catherine's mother has a miscarriage.

• Catherine and her mother visit the abbey where her brother Edward lives. Catherine wants to be a...

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