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Nelson Demille
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 4, Chapters 26-30.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Liam get back to Belfast?
(a) He catches a local bus.
(b) He goes with the group in a car.
(c) He makes his own way back.
(d) A farmer gives him a ride.

2. What is wrong with the National Guard when they are called in?
(a) They do not have the correct riot gear.
(b) Most are out of town.
(c) Most are intoxicated.
(d) They are on the side of the Fenians.

3. At the beginning of the attack, what does everyone think about John Hickey?
(a) That he used to be Maureen's lover.
(b) That he is the leader of the Fenian army.
(c) That he is useless in the attack.
(d) That he is dead.

4. Who helps Brian and Maureen hide after the attempt to free Sheila?
(a) Major Bartholomew Martin.
(b) Sheila Malone.
(c) Father Donnelly.
(d) Members of the IRA.

5. Who is the female, second in command at the cathedral?
(a) Bridgette.
(b) Maureen.
(c) Megan.
(d) Shirley.

Short Answer Questions

1. After Flynn and the Cardinal talk about secret passages, where do Father Murphy and Maureen go?

2. Who does Flynn believe is the only one without ulterior motives?

3. What does Flynn tell the first police phone call?

4. In Book 1, what is Maureen Malone doing at the Waldorf Astoria hotel?

5. How does MacCumail announce that he is in control of the cathedral?

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