Objects & Places from Cathedral

Nelson Demille
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This is a city in Northern Ireland that is riddled by strife between Catholics and Protestants.

Whitethorn Abbey

This place is where Brian and Maureen hide.

Sheila's Aunt's House

This place is where an IRA member was arrested by the British.

Long Kesh

This is a prison where many IRA people are held under the Special Powers Act.

St. Patrick's Cathedral

This is the site of the terrorist attack in New York City.

Rectory Office

This is where the police set up their command center.

Crawl Space

This is the area under the cathedral floor where the bombs are planted.

Choir Loft

This is the area of the cathedral where Megan and Leary are positioned. It is the last area that the police take.

Terri's Apartment

This is where Dan Morgan is holding Terri hostage.

Stillway's Apartment

This is where Burke went to try to find the...

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