Cathedral Fun Activities

Nelson Demille
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Design a soundtrack to go with the novel. What songs would you include? Why?

Movie Adaptation

Would Cathedral be a good movie? Where would you film it? What actors/actresses should play which parts?

Alternative Book Jacket

Design an alternative book jacket with the following elements:

· Front cover- title and author and an illustration.

· Back cover- summary of novel and reviews.

· Inside jackets- Literary critique of the novel.

Board Game

Design a board game to go with the novel.

Role Play

Act out a scene from the novel. Costumes are encouraged.

Letter to the Author

Write a letter to the DeMIlle. Include your overall evaluation of the book. Include any questions you have for him.


Have students act out a character from the book while the class guesses who it is. For added difficulty, do not let the actor speak.

Comic Book Strip

Create a comic...

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