Cathedral Character Descriptions

Nelson Demille
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Patrick Burke

This character is a Detective Lieutenant in the New York City police department who works in the Intelligence Division. He wants a peaceful settlement to the situation in the cathedral and is the only one allowed inside.

Brian Flynn

This character has the code name Finn MacCumail, who broke with the IRA and formed the radical Fenian Army. He is the leader of the attack on the cathedral.

John Hickey

This character is second in command in the cathedral operation, is quite radical, and not interested in negotiation.

Maureen Malone

This character is in New York and gives a speech to Amnesty International about freeing the prisons held by the British under the Specials Power Act, and is one of the hostages in the cathedral.

Jack Ferguson

This character provides information to the police in New York, but winds up dead in a park lake after...

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