Cathedral Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Nelson Demille
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Book 1, Chapters 1-4

• Sheila Malone, George Sullivan and Liam Coogan kill two British soldiers.
• Sheila is arrested and threatened with treason, with a sentence of hanging.

• After being abused and beaten during questioning, she is offered a deal if she names Brian Flynn as an IRA member and murderer.
• When the IRA attempts to free Sheila while she is being moved, they are set up.

• Brian and Maureen are injured and hide in an abbey.

• Father Donnelly helps them at the abbey.

• Maureen decides to leave the IRA.

Book 2, Chapters 5-9

• Brian Flynn wires a black metal box to St. Patrick's Cathedral bell tower, set for 5 p.m.

• Maureen gives a speech to Amnesty International to have prisoners in Northern Ireland released.
• Terri O'Neal is taken hostage by Dan Morgan.

• Detective Lieutenant Patrick Burke meets his IRA contact, Jack Ferguson.
• Ferguson tells Burke about the Fenians, who have...

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