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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When the narrator’s wife first contacted the blind man after working for him, she called him from what state?
(a) Alabama
(b) Indiana
(c) Missouri
(d) Tennessee

2. What is playing on the television as the narrator’s wife exits upstairs in the story?
(a) A late-night comedy show
(b) Entertainment news
(c) A game show
(d) The weather report

3. Who is the protagonist of “Cathedral”?
(a) The narrator
(b) Barry Fitzgerald
(c) The narrator’s wife
(d) Robert

4. What beverage does the blind man drink with his dinner in the story?
(a) Water
(b) Tea
(c) Coffee
(d) Milk

5. As the narrator continues his drawing of the cathedral, he comments near the end of the story, “His fingers rode my fingers as my hand went over the paper. It was like” what?
(a) Crossing into another world
(b) Surfing on the waves of blindness
(c) Looking through the rainbow
(d) Nothing else in my life up to now

6. The narrator tells the blind man that sometimes cathedrals have “devils and such carved into the front. Sometimes” what?
(a) Kings and bishops
(b) Peasants and thieves
(c) Lords and ladies
(d) Plants and animals

7. What does the blind man take from the backseat of the car when he and the narrator’s wife arrive at the narrator’s home?
(a) A suitcase
(b) A book
(c) A jacket
(d) A hat

8. What is the narrator’s response when his wife asks as she comes downstairs, “What do I smell?”
(a) Just incense my dear
(b) I needed a cigarette
(c) We thought we’d have us some cannabis
(d) I don’t smell anything

9. What term refers to the portion of a story that introduces the important background information, such as the narrator’s descriptions of his wife’s history with the blind man in “Cathedral”?
(a) Rising action
(b) Denouement
(c) Climax
(d) Exposition

10. What does the blind man ask the narrator after giving prefacing it with, “Hey, listen. I hope you don’t mind my asking you. Can I ask you something? Let me ask you a simple question, yes or no”?
(a) He asks if the narrator is religious
(b) He asks if the narrator is true to his wife
(c) He asks if the narrator is a dog lover
(d) He asks if the narrator is a sports fan

11. What does the narrator’s wife say she is going to do upstairs as she exits, leaving the narrator and the blind man alone after dinner?
(a) Read a book
(b) Change into her robe
(c) Call a friend on the telephone
(d) Take a bath

12. How does the narrator instruct the blind man to smoke the marijuana in the story?
(a) Hold it as long as you can
(b) Don’t take too much
(c) Don’t punish yourself
(d) Inhale slowly

13. Where did the narrator’s wife fall asleep after overdosing on pills while at Travis A.F.B.?
(a) In the garage
(b) In the basement
(c) On the patio
(d) In the bathtub

14. How does the narrator feel about the blind man’s visit in the beginning of the story?
(a) Unenthusiastic
(b) Excited
(c) Angry
(d) Apprehensive

15. What does the narrator say causes him problems sleeping?
(a) A sore throat
(b) A bad smell
(c) His wife’s snoring
(d) Dreams

Short Answer Questions

1. The narrator describes his legs as feeling as though he’s just done what when he gets up to look for a pen and paper?

2. The narrator says that after the death of the blind man’s wife, he was left with half of what kind of coin?

3. How does the narrator say he felt about their old sofa (that they replaced) when the blind man arrives?

4. What drink does the blind man ask for when the narrator offers him one after his arrival?

5. What does the narrator suggest to his wife he could do when the blind man comes to visit, causing her exasperation?

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