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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Of the blind man’s eyes, the narrator says there’s too much white where?
(a) In the retina
(b) In the pupil
(c) In the iris
(d) In the cornea

2. Where does the narrator sit when he returns to the living room with a pen and paper?
(a) In a chair
(b) On the sofa
(c) On the table
(d) On the floor

3. Where is Travis A.F.B. located?
(a) California
(b) Kansas
(c) Georgia
(d) New Jersey

4. What are in the bottom of the shopping bag that the narrator gathers for the blind man at night?
(a) Coupons
(b) Coffee beans
(c) Marshmallows
(d) Onion skins

5. How does the narrator feel about the blind man’s visit in the beginning of the story?
(a) Unenthusiastic
(b) Angry
(c) Apprehensive
(d) Excited

6. The blind man tells the narrator as he continues his drawing of the cathedral, “You got it, bub. I can tell. You didn’t think you could. But you can, can’t you? You’re cooking with” what?
(a) Grease
(b) Charcoal
(c) Dry tinder
(d) Gas now

7. The narrator surmises of the blind man’s wife that she could wear what in her nostril and it wouldn’t make a difference?
(a) A straight pin
(b) A handkerchief
(c) An earring
(d) A pencil

8. What does the narrator do when the blind man says after the drawing is complete, “Take a look. What do you think?”
(a) He calls for his wife
(b) He keeps his eyes closed
(c) He looks at the drawing
(d) He begins to weep

9. What artistic forms are addressed in “Cathedral”?
(a) Poetry and drawing
(b) Drama and music
(c) Novel writing and music
(d) Sculpture and dance

10. When the blind man asks the narrator to describe a cathedral to him, what is the first thing the narrator says?
(a) You can’t look at one without seeing the arches
(b) To begin with, they’re very tall
(c) They have a very broad foundation
(d) The first things you notice are the intricate details

11. “Cathedral” is a short story that is driven by what literary element?
(a) Irony
(b) Setting
(c) Character
(d) Plot

12. The narrator’s wife commented to the blind man through their first correspondence that she loved her husband but she didn’t love what?
(a) His sister
(b) Their children
(c) His mother
(d) Where they lived

13. What does the narrator describe as “little statues carved to look like monsters”?
(a) Phantoms
(b) Trolls
(c) Gargoyles
(d) Vampires

14. What does the blind man take from his back pocket as he and the narrator are talking and watching television late at night?
(a) A book
(b) A wallet
(c) A bag
(d) A handkerchief

15. What does the blind man say “never ends” in the story?
(a) Pride
(b) Sorrow
(c) Learning
(d) Fantasy

Short Answer Questions

1. Where was Raymond Carver born?

2. The narrator tells the blind man that sometimes cathedrals have “devils and such carved into the front. Sometimes” what?

3. What were the literary formats that Raymond Carver’s career was dedicated to?

4. What does the narrator describe to the blind man as the things that are tormenting the monks on the television show?

5. The narrator describes his legs as feeling as though he’s just done what when he gets up to look for a pen and paper?

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