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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What are the sacraments that focus upon lifestyle?
(a) Anointing of the Sick and confirmation.
(b) Holy Orders and the Eucharist.
(c) Marriage and Holy Orders.
(d) Baptism and Marriage.

2. What are the sacraments also intended to improve?
(a) The understanding of God's rules.
(b) The extent and intensity of intimacy with God.
(c) The Love one has for each other.
(d) The love one has for God.

3. What does the Catechism clearly state about the resurrection?
(a) This is the simplest of creeds.
(b) This is the most challenging part of the creeds.
(c) This is somewhat difficult to understand.
(d) This is believed by most people.

4. The development of the Church, the Catholic Church explains, is a response of God's to what?
(a) The need of the people to gather.
(b) The conditions that resulted from the sins of humanity.
(c) His desire to see His people together.
(d) The desire of the people to worship him.

5. During what is it decided that there is a need to generate an updated version of the catechism?
(a) The Fourth Vatican Ecumenical Council.
(b) The Third Vatican Ecumenical Council.
(c) The First Vatican Ecumenical Council.
(d) The Second Vatican Ecumenical Council.

Short Answer Questions

1. To whom is a letter addressed that explains the background of the catechism?

2. What does the Hebrew spelling of YHWH when properly translated actually say?

3. What is done in an effort to better know Jesus?

4. The Catechism explains that to address Lord Jesus either silently or aloud is to approach him with adoration, and is often for what purpose?

5. Why can this be trusted more than one's parents?

Short Essay Questions

1. For whom is this book written?

2. What is the purpose of this first chapter?

3. How is this book unlike many others?

4. How did baptism begin?

5. Why do people have the capacity to come to knowledge of God?

6. What is one problem the English translation causes?

7. What does catechism mean?

8. What is liturgy?

9. Who is the author of this book?

10. To what must one submit? What examples are given of those who have been submissive?

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