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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The Church's official position on the Muslims is that the latter are recognized as what?
(a) Worshipers of the same God.
(b) Heathens.
(c) Devil worshipers.
(d) Christians.

2. The Apostles' Creed and the Nicene Creed are presented as what, which are a normative part of Catholic Mass?
(a) "I believe" together with the "We believe."
(b) A prayer to God together with a prayer to Jesus.
(c) "God's rules" together with "Jesus' rules."
(d) The rules one must follow.

3. Through liturgy, why are the People of God uplifted?
(a) They are reassured of their place in heaven.
(b) They get to participate in the benevolence of God through their actions.
(c) They receive messages from God.
(d) They are free of sin.

4. What does catechism mean?
(a) It is a summary of the Gospels.
(b) It is a comparison between the Old Testament and the New Testament.
(c) It is an explanation of the Old Testament.
(d) It is the entire body of teachings of the religion.

5. Baptism assures salvation and the spiritual mark of purification. Do sin and temptation always instantly disappear?
(a) No, not always.
(b) Yes, almost always.
(c) No, never.
(d) Yes, always.

6. What are the sacraments that focus upon lifestyle?
(a) Holy Orders and the Eucharist.
(b) Baptism and Marriage.
(c) Marriage and Holy Orders.
(d) Anointing of the Sick and confirmation.

7. Who is the one actually tending the flock?
(a) The Apostles.
(b) The people.
(c) The divine shepherd.
(d) The Pope.

8. The Church is meant to support what transformation of the world on Earth?
(a) Into a paradise for all.
(b) Into a place of harmony and love for all.
(c) Into a peaceful place.
(d) Into the Kingdom of God in Heaven and upon the Earth.

9. The meaning of Jesus is in what language?
(a) Hebrew.
(b) Italian.
(c) Latin.
(d) Greek.

10. The Catechism explains that to address Lord Jesus either silently or aloud is to approach him with adoration, and is often for what purpose?
(a) Celebration.
(b) Thanks.
(c) Healing.
(d) Mourning.

11. What does the Catechism clearly state about the resurrection?
(a) This is the most challenging part of the creeds.
(b) This is believed by most people.
(c) This is the simplest of creeds.
(d) This is somewhat difficult to understand.

12. Why can this be trusted more than one's parents?
(a) One's mortal parents are not one with God.
(b) One's mortal parents are not one's real parents.
(c) One's mortal parents love only themselves.
(d) One's mortal parents are fallible.

13. Who worked on this book?
(a) Bishops.
(b) Catholic congregations.
(c) Church officials.
(d) The Pope.

14. Why is the power of forgiveness offered by Jesus and the Apostles so profound?
(a) Forgiveness is a strange concept for people to understand.
(b) Forgiveness is the best gift one can give.
(c) Forgiveness can sometimes be difficult.
(d) Forgiveness is easy to give.

15. What are the sacraments also intended to improve?
(a) The love one has for God.
(b) The understanding of God's rules.
(c) The Love one has for each other.
(d) The extent and intensity of intimacy with God.

Short Answer Questions

1. How can others be brought into belief?

2. What does the Hebrew spelling of YHWH when properly translated actually say?

3. Who is this book intended to serve?

4. What is the purpose of the sacraments?

5. Where is baptism introduced?

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