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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 2, The Profession of Faith: Chapter 2, Man's Response to God in Two Articles of Faith.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How can others be brought into belief?
(a) Through education.
(b) Through the Holy Spirit.
(c) Through prayer.
(d) Through education and exposure to Christ's teachings and miracles.

2. How has the work been assembled?
(a) By one editor.
(b) In a collaborative effort.
(c) By the workings of the Pope.
(d) Each Bishop took a section to complete.

3. Why have a number of these people dedicated some of their time?
(a) They had nothing better to do.
(b) To fulfill the request to create a new high quality edition of the catechism.
(c) They received a sign from God.
(d) It had been demanded of them by the Pope.

4. What is the successful movement of teachings from educator to receptive student?
(a) Transunion.
(b) Transmission.
(c) Transluscent.
(d) Transgression.

5. What is an important note about the Holy Scriptures?
(a) The Apostles had the first copy of the New Testament.
(b) The Apostles knew about the Old Testament.
(c) The Apostles created the New Testament.
(d) The Apostles did not originally have a New Testament or body of Christian Scriptures with which to work.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does this book differ from Scriptures?

2. During what is it decided that there is a need to generate an updated version of the catechism?

3. Why can this be trusted more than one's parents?

4. What have the organizers used in organizing the book?

5. To whom is a letter addressed that explains the background of the catechism?

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