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Short Answer Questions

1. Lynch's brother found a _____ that belonged to Lynch as a child.

2. Lynch's experiences at the time caused him to return to which theory?

3. The man's work was thought to be _____.

4. Aspects of _____ are always present in a person.

5. Lynch was fascinated by the lack of which element in the man's work?

Short Essay Questions

1. What are typical emotions regarding the completion of a creative project?

2. Why is it important to set the scene using every day items?

3. Why is sound such a crucial part of a film? How does sound compare to lighting?

4. Describe the room in the TV show that ending up integral to the plot.

5. Another happy accident involves the airing of Lynch's famous "Twin Peaks." Explain Lynch's story.

6. Why does Lynch vehemently object to directors adding commentary to their films?

7. Discuss Lynch's first attempt at creating a digital film for the Internet. What caused the project to go in a different direction?

8. How can one live the art life and be true to one's own creativity without starving to death?

9. A popular misconception about artists is that they must know suffering and angst in order to be prolific. What does this mean? Is it an accurate statement?

10. Why is Lynch so fascinated with digital video? What has Lynch done with DV recently?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

One of the biggest myths in the artistic world is that drugs inspire creativity. Lynch asserts that it is not true. While it may seem to be true on the surface, the truth is that drugs limit one's creativity and also take a serious toll on one's nervous system. The result of taking the drugs is that it saps the creativity, leaving the person without anything to give to his art. Discuss this scientific theory. How does Lynch tap into the creativity sought by those who try to get to it through drugs? What positive and healthy method does Lynch use to release the creativity on a consistent basis? Explain.

Essay Topic 2

Discuss Lynch's view of the use of technology in film. Research and examine the filmmaking tools that are on the market today. What exists today that did not exist when "Catching the Big Fish" was published? How will those innovations move the film industry forward? Are there any downsides to having that sort of technology available to anyone? What are the benefits? What type of equipment and/or technology is being used by Lynch today? How are the new tools being used in a way that the old school equipment could not be used? What is the most popular tool on the market today?

Essay Topic 3

David Lynch is adamantly against talking about the meaning behind his work. Lynch also frowns upon others discussing or labeling his films. Explain Lynch's reasoning for this attitude. Do you agree or disagree with Lynch? Give examples. Also give examples of films that are most often critiqued. Do you think Lynch confirms or denies anyone's opinion on his work? Do you think there is always some deep important meaning to Lynch's work? Does Lynch ever get upset by others critiquing his technical skills?

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