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Short Answer Questions

1. Which element of film is the easiest to adjust or manipulate?

2. Lynch believes that items in a film need to represent the____.

3. Lynch refers to an unusual incident during the filming of which of the following:

4. Which of the following is mentioned as one of the director's greatest works?

5. Which of the following actions is greatly decreased through the use of TM?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Lynch believe restrictions are often a blessing in disguise?

2. During the shooting of Inland Empire, Lynch received confirmation on one popular theory. What was the theory and who was involved?

3. Another happy accident involves the airing of Lynch's famous "Twin Peaks." Explain Lynch's story.

4. Everyone wants world peace. How does Lynch help the cause?

5. What is the preferred alternative to tapping into one's creative center?

6. Why is Lynch so adamant about staying true to oneself?

7. For thousands of years people have taken drugs to open the doors to their creative centers. Explain why Lynch believes it is a huge mistake to do so.

8. Explain Lynch's interaction with director Stanley Kubrick.

9. Why does Lynch vehemently object to directors adding commentary to their films?

10. Lynch is known for producing "dark" films. What is the common response Lynch draws from people on this subject?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Lynch has strong opinions about digital video versus traditional film. Discuss Lynch's opinions. Include the explanation of high def and low def as well as the unmatched benefits of each. Compare and contrast the two methods of filmmaking. Which do you think is best?

Essay Topic 2

Explain in detail the scientific aspect to Transcendental Meditation. Which area of science is closely related to the practice and its by-products? How were the scientists able to analyze TM and its results using scientific data and equipment? What did the scientists find at the end of the experiment? Do you think there is more to find? What is the name of the theory given to this study? What was the final determination about the purpose and benefits of TM?

Essay Topic 3

"Stay true to yourself" is one of Lynch's favorite mantras. Explain what Lynch means and why it is important. How does honoring your own creativity and spirit benefit your life and in what ways? What happens when one does not stay true to oneself? Is it possible to compromise and still be true to yourself? What is the difference between editing and compromising your vision? Does one have to compromise or give up one's vision in order to create a commercial work? How did Lynch face this issue early in his career? Does Lynch regret any decisions he made in this regard? How do you feel about staying true despite the consequences?

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