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Short Answer Questions

1. This body of water represents which emotion?

2. How much money did Lynch earn per week?

3. What word does Lynch use when referring to a union between an actor and a part?

4. What tool is essential to figuring out one's path?

5. Dealing with which part of the casting process is the most critical?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Lynch's opinion on the marriage of emotion and intellect?

2. How was the western world educated about Transcendental Meditation? Who was the teacher? When was TM introduced to the US?

3. What event caused Lynch to change his mind?

4. What was Lynch's first impression of Hollywood? What is desirable about the area?

5. What is another example of Lynch's "marriage theory?"

6. Explain how and why Lynch changed his thinking regarding TM.

7. Explain the definition and practice of transcendence. Is it easily achieved?

8. Why does Lynch believe that every film is an experiment? What happens if the experiment fails?

9. What caused Lynch to put his artistic dreams on hold when he was a child?

10. How did TM affect Lynch's relationship with negativity?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

David Lynch is adamantly against talking about the meaning behind his work. Lynch also frowns upon others discussing or labeling his films. Explain Lynch's reasoning for this attitude. Do you agree or disagree with Lynch? Give examples. Also give examples of films that are most often critiqued. Do you think Lynch confirms or denies anyone's opinion on his work? Do you think there is always some deep important meaning to Lynch's work? Does Lynch ever get upset by others critiquing his technical skills?

Essay Topic 2

Lynch is a big believer in "happy accidents." Explore the concept of happy accidents. What does Lynch mean? Discuss some of the examples cited by Lynch in the book. Do you think the incidents were really happy accidents or opportunities presenting themselves at the appropriate time? Do you believe in accidents? How might things work out differently for Lynch if the happy accidents ceased to exist? Explain.

Essay Topic 3

Lynch discusses various encounters with his favorite film directors. Lynch's favorite film directors include such iconic cinematographers Billy Wilder, Frederico Fellini, and Stanly Kubrick. Explore Lynch's interactions with each man and how those experiences affected Lynch and his work. Also examine the filmmaker's opinions on Lynch and his work.

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