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Short Answer Questions

1. Lynch was forced to give in and get a job selling which publication?

2. Lynch claims that many people do not understand that creativity requires a great deal of which of the following:

3. Lynch states that a sentence from which book made the spiritual film make sense?

4. Physicists believe that everything comes from which of the following:

5. Lynch moved to Los Angeles from which major eastern city?

Short Essay Questions

1. Explain Lynch's opinion on choosing the right music for a score.

2. Why does Lynch see "Eraserhead" as a spiritual movie? What inspired Lynch to pull it all together and finish the film?

3. What scientific theory supported the effects of TM? What part of science developed and supported the theory? What other type of science supported the theory?

4. Explain Lynch's breakthrough at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. How did the project start? What did it inspire?

5. Explain how and why Lynch changed his thinking regarding TM.

6. What is the author's opinion on the amount of control a director should have over a film? What is Lynch's explanation?

7. Why does Lynch discount it when people say they are not informed enough to interpret cinema? What is a common bond between viewers?

8. What creates an initial idea? How do bigger ideas come into reality? How does Lynch feel about idea fragments?

9. Explain the definition and practice of transcendence. Is it easily achieved?

10. What is another example of Lynch's "marriage theory?"

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Lynch is a big believer in "happy accidents." Explore the concept of happy accidents. What does Lynch mean? Discuss some of the examples cited by Lynch in the book. Do you think the incidents were really happy accidents or opportunities presenting themselves at the appropriate time? Do you believe in accidents? How might things work out differently for Lynch if the happy accidents ceased to exist? Explain.

Essay Topic 2

The term "psychogenic fugue" is used in regards to the film "Lost Highways." What is a psychogenic fugue? What does it mean? What are its symptoms? Is it dangerous? What is the medical/psychiatric explanation of a psychogenic fugue? How does the term apply to "Lost Highways?" What was Lynch's inspiration for the film and for the use of a psychogenic fugue?

Essay Topic 3

Lynch discusses various encounters with his favorite film directors. Lynch's favorite film directors include such iconic cinematographers Billy Wilder, Frederico Fellini, and Stanly Kubrick. Explore Lynch's interactions with each man and how those experiences affected Lynch and his work. Also examine the filmmaker's opinions on Lynch and his work.

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