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This is Lynch's first full-length feature film.

Twin Peaks

This was David Lynch's first television series.

Los Angeles

Lynch relocated to this location after attending art school in Philadelphia.

Transcendental Meditation

This is a type of spiritual meditation developed by the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

American Film Institute

This is considered to be the premier film institute in the world.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Lynch moved to this location to attend the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art.

Missoula, Montana

This is where Lynch was born and raised for the first few years of his life.


This is David Lynch's great love or a world that is completely immersed in magic.

Blue Velvet

This is one of Lynch's most widely-acclaimed films. It starred Laura Dern who appeared in many Lynch films.

Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art

This is the prestigious art school Lynch attended to learn the craft of fine...

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