Catching the Big Fish Character Descriptions

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David Lynch

This person is a noted filmmaker, video and performance artist, composer, and painter.

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

This person is the founder of the controversial Transcendental Meditation technique.

Federico Fellini

This person was a famous Italian film director.

Stanley Kubrick

This person was an iconoclastic American film director.

Bushnell Keeler

This person was the father of Lynch's friend, Toby.

Dennis Hopper

This person was an American actor and filmmaker.

Laura Dern

This person is an American actress best known for appearances in Lynch's films Blue Velvet and Wild at Heart.

Alfred Hitchcock

This person is probably the most recognized director in the world.

Angelo Badalamenti

This person is an American composer that is well known for his work with David Lynch.


Lynch has a great fondness for these people, particularly the ones that accurately portray Lynch's vision.


These people fall under Lynch's adage that those...

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