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Chapters 1-10

• Lynch is introduced to Transcendental Meditation in 1973.

• Lynch was not immediately sold on the idea.

• Lynch's sister practiced TM.

• Lynch tried it and knew it was right for him. Lynch has practiced TM every day since 1973.

• TM releases negative feelings and allows the artist to create.
• Lynch's early childhood is recounted.

• The Lynches move to Virginia.

• Lynch meets Toby Keeler.

• Lynch begins to learn about the physical and mental processes connected to art.
• Lynch enrolls in the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts.

• The first stop animation film is created from a painting.

• Lynch falls in love with cinema.
• The author explains in detail the abstract ideas involved with theater and how the movie goer can be transported to another place and time.

• The basics of cinema are discussed.

• Ideas do not come already put together. Instead, they are produced from fragments of ideas and concepts.

Chapters 11-20

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