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Suzanne Collins
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. If forced to marry Peeta, what is Katniss most worried about?
(a) She worries that she will never fully accomplish her talent.
(b) She worries that their children will be drawn in the reaping.
(c) She worries that her mother will not approve of her choice.
(d) She worries that she will never be free to love Gale.

2. What is Katniss's family book?
(a) It is Prim's records of the family's day-to-day life.
(b) It is a family photo album.
(c) It is her father's favorite novel.
(d) It contains examples of edible and medicinal herbs.

3. What gift does Peeta give to the tributes' families?
(a) He gives them each a painting.
(b) He donates one month of their winnings.
(c) He decides to build them a house.
(d) He buys them dinner.

4. Why is the mockingjay a symbol of the Capitol's failure?
(a) The Capitol hates music.
(b) The mockingjay is a rival country's mascot.
(c) They were never intended to exist.
(d) The Capitol hates birds.

5. After learning she and Peeta's show has not been enough for President Snow, what does Katniss decide to do?
(a) She decides to marry Peeta immediately.
(b) She decides to take her family into the woods.
(c) She decides to live in secret in the Capitol.
(d) She decides to run away with Gale.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does President Snow think Katniss feels for Peeta?

2. What Hunger Games event happens every 25 years?

3. What does Katniss worry that President Snow has captured on camera?

4. Before it was allegedly destroyed, what was District 13's main industry?

5. What does Katniss tell Haymitch she wants to do?

Short Essay Questions

1. What suspicions do Bonnie and Twill have about District 13?

2. What is the Victor's Village?

3. What does Katniss do when she finds Gale being whipped by the Head Peacekeeper?

4. What does Katniss accidentally learn while at the mayor's house in District 12?

5. How have Katniss's final six wedding dresses been chosen?

6. What is Peeta's talent?

7. Why must Katniss and Peeta eventually marry?

8. How does Katniss's mother transform in a sickroom?

9. When they reach the Capitol, how does Peeta try to convince Panem that he and Katniss are in love?

10. What does Katniss realize as she sits with the unconscious Gale?

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