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Suzanne Collins
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the design of the arena?
(a) It is designed like a clock.
(b) it is designed like a seashell.
(c) It is designed like an instrument.
(d) It is designed like an engine.

2. What is between the Gamemakers and the tributes?
(a) A force field.
(b) A chain link fence.
(c) A glass wall.
(d) A curtain.

3. Who saves Peeta from the mutt monkey?
(a) Finnick.
(b) Mags.
(c) Katniss.
(d) The District 6 morphling.

4. Who helps Peeta swim to shore?
(a) Mags.
(b) Katniss.
(c) Finnick.
(d) Haymitch.

5. Who kills Wiress?
(a) Cashmere.
(b) Enobaria.
(c) Brutus.
(d) Gloss.

6. Finnick Odair is the male tribute from which District?
(a) District 6.
(b) District 4.
(c) District 7.
(d) District 1.

7. What is Finnick wearing other than his tribute jumpsuit?
(a) He is wearing the net from the opening ceremonies.
(b) He is wearing Haymitch's bracelet.
(c) He is wearing Katniss's mockingjay pin.
(d) He is wearing camoflauge makeup.

8. What do Haymitch and Katniss agree to do in the Quarter Quell Games?
(a) They agree to protect Peeta.
(b) They agree to send Gale.
(c) They agree to kill President Snow.
(d) They agree to start a rebellion.

9. Who voluntarily walks into the fog?
(a) Peeta.
(b) Finnick.
(c) Katniss.
(d) Mags.

10. How high is the wall of fog?
(a) 100 feet.
(b) 40 feet.
(c) 20 feet.
(d) 10 feet.

11. In the jungle, what danger does Peeta walk into?
(a) He walks into a pack of wild animals.
(b) He walks into a force field.
(c) He walks into quick sand.
(d) He walks into a group of Careers.

12. What does Peeta want the three of them to do in preparation for the Games?
(a) He wants them to get married immediately.
(b) He wants them to run away.
(c) He wants them to find District 13.
(d) He wants them to train like Careers.

13. What weapons does Johanna find in the Cornucopia?
(a) Axes.
(b) Knives.
(c) Arrows.
(d) Grenades.

14. What does Katniss use to stop the bleeding from Beetee's wound?
(a) Skin from the monkeys.
(b) Moss from the jungle.
(c) Seawater.
(d) Ointment.

15. What act in the Games is Enobaria famous for?
(a) Burning down an entire forest.
(b) Ripping a tribute's throat out with her teeth.
(c) Saving another tribute's life.
(d) Cannibalism.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Katniss's interview dress turn into after she twirls?

2. How many land arms are spread out from the Cornucopia?

3. How is Peeta researching the other victors?

4. Where does Katniss hide after the announcement of the Quarter Quell?

5. After the fog retreats, what animals do Peeta notice?

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