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Suzanne Collins
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What meal has Finnick prepared for them the next morning?
(a) Shellfish.
(b) Beef stew.
(c) Groosling.
(d) Garden salad.

2. What excuse does Katniss give for locating the force field?
(a) She was told about the chink by Wiress and Beetee.
(b) She can sense when the force field is near.
(c) She has extremely good hearing in her reconstructed ear.
(d) She invented the force field.

3. Who saves Peeta from the mutt monkey?
(a) Finnick.
(b) Mags.
(c) The District 6 morphling.
(d) Katniss.

4. What does Katniss's interview dress turn into after she twirls?
(a) A flame.
(b) A flag of Panem.
(c) A portrait of her family.
(d) A mockingjay.

5. What does Peeta do for the Gamemakers to show off his talents?
(a) He shoots an arrow into their force field.
(b) He lifts weights.
(c) He ties knots.
(d) He paints a picture of Rue using dyes.

6. What sounds wake Katniss from her sleep?
(a) A loud popular song.
(b) Monkey screeches.
(c) A terrible siren.
(d) A loud bonging sound.

7. What is the design of the arena?
(a) It is designed like an engine.
(b) It is designed like an instrument.
(c) it is designed like a seashell.
(d) It is designed like a clock.

8. What weapons does Johanna find in the Cornucopia?
(a) Arrows.
(b) Knives.
(c) Axes.
(d) Grenades.

9. How does Katniss finally interact with Darius?
(a) She purposely knocks some peas off the table.
(b) She invites him to meet her on the roof.
(c) She signs with him when no one is looking.
(d) She secretly slips him a message.

10. Where does Katniss hide after the announcement of the Quarter Quell?
(a) She goes to their old house in the Seam.
(b) She goes to Peeta's house.
(c) She runs to the cottage in the woods.
(d) She goes to an empty basement in the Victor's Village.

11. In the jungle, what danger does Peeta walk into?
(a) He walks into quick sand.
(b) He walks into a force field.
(c) He walks into a pack of wild animals.
(d) He walks into a group of Careers.

12. Who sends Finnick bread?
(a) District 4.
(b) Haymitch.
(c) Mags.
(d) District 9.

13. What station in the training center does Katniss start with?
(a) The camoflauge station.
(b) The bow and arrow station.
(c) The spear-throwing station.
(d) The knot-tying station.

14. What act in the Games is Enobaria famous for?
(a) Saving another tribute's life.
(b) Cannibalism.
(c) Ripping a tribute's throat out with her teeth.
(d) Burning down an entire forest.

15. What storm have Johanna and the others experienced?
(a) A tornado of sand.
(b) A rainstorm of blood.
(c) A deafening thunder storm.
(d) A lightening storm.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who kills Wiress?

2. What shocking announcement does Peeta make during the interview?

3. What must Katniss retrieve from Wiress's body?

4. How is Peeta researching the other victors?

5. What scores do Peeta and Katniss receive from the Gamemakers?

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