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Suzanne Collins
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Katniss promise to do on the tour?
(a) Start a rebellion.
(b) End the rebellion.
(c) Convince President Snow she is in love with Gale.
(d) Convince President Snow she is in love with Peeta.

2. Why are Prim and Katniss's mother so pleased with the photo shoot?
(a) They both have a passion for fashion.
(b) They get to keep some of the accessories.
(c) They love entertaining company.
(d) They think it means Katniss is safe.

3. What is the main industry in District 8?
(a) Farming.
(b) Factories.
(c) Luxury goods.
(d) Coal Mining.

4. What scenes has Peeta been painting?
(a) Scenes from the Games.
(b) Landscapes.
(c) Portraits of family.
(d) Scenes from his favorite movie.

5. How does Katniss figure out which other Districts may be rebelling?
(a) She sends letters to the mayors of the other Districts.
(b) She asks her prep team what items have been scare over the winter.
(c) She looks up the statistics on the internet.
(d) She calls President Snow and asks him.

6. What is the focus of District 11?
(a) Industry.
(b) Luxury goods.
(c) Coal mining.
(d) Agriculture.

7. What is Katniss's new "talent"?
(a) She designs clothes.
(b) She plays the piano.
(c) She bakes with Peeta.
(d) She arranges flowers.

8. What does Katniss tell Haymitch she wants to do?
(a) Run away.
(b) Start an uprising.
(c) Run for president.
(d) Write a book.

9. How does Katniss get back inside District 12?
(a) She cuts through the fence.
(b) She climbs a tree and goes over the fence.
(c) She burrows under the fence.
(d) She opens the fence gate with her key.

10. What does Katniss wishes she had done, thinking it would have prevented all the unrest?
(a) She wishes she had begun the rebellion herself.
(b) She wishes she had killed Peeta when she had the chance.
(c) She wishes she had killed herself with the berries in the arena.
(d) She wishes she had married Gale before she left for the Hunger Games.

11. What does Katniss worry that President Snow has captured on camera?
(a) Gale kissing her.
(b) Peeta kissing her.
(c) Prim slipping under the fence.
(d) Katniss slipping under the fence.

12. What does Katniss discover when she returns to District 12 from the woods?
(a) The fence has been torn down.
(b) The fence has been electrified.
(c) There is an uprising in District 12.
(d) Gale is waiting for her outside.

13. Who interviews Katniss and Peeta in the Training Center?
(a) President Snow.
(b) Haymitch.
(c) Caesar Flickerman.
(d) Bill Bubblebee.

14. What does Katniss decide to do after saving Gale?
(a) She decides to petition the president.
(b) She decides to marry him.
(c) She decides to stay and fight.
(d) She decides to run away.

15. What Hunger Games event happens every 25 years?
(a) The Quarter Quarry.
(b) The Quarter Quell.
(c) The Twenty-Five Time.
(d) The Time Warp.

Short Answer Questions

1. As victors of the Hunger Games, what are Katniss and Peeta obligated to do?

2. What gift does Peeta give to the tributes' families?

3. What plan does Katniss want Gale to participate in?

4. What is the name of the country Katniss and the others live in?

5. What does the crowd do after Katniss's speech?

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