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Suzanne Collins
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2, The Quell: Chapters 10-12.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Octavia's explanation for the seafood shortage?
(a) She says seafood is all the rage and everyone is eating too much of it.
(b) She says there is an uprising in District 4.
(c) She says there is poor weather in District 4.
(d) She says there is a fish illness going around.

2. What is the focus of District 11?
(a) Luxury goods.
(b) Coal mining.
(c) Industry.
(d) Agriculture.

3. What does Katniss promise to do on the tour?
(a) Convince President Snow she is in love with Gale.
(b) End the rebellion.
(c) Start a rebellion.
(d) Convince President Snow she is in love with Peeta.

4. What reason does Katniss use for the Peacekeepers for being gone so long?
(a) She was hunting in the woods and lost track of time.
(b) She was trying to find the Goat Man.
(c) She was passing out food in the Seam.
(d) She was surveying the mine.

5. To keep up public appearances, what does the rest of Panem think the relationship is between Katniss and Gale?
(a) They are twins.
(b) They are brother and sister.
(c) They are cousins.
(d) They are lovers.

Short Answer Questions

1. Before it was allegedly destroyed, what was District 13's main industry?

2. What scenes has Peeta been painting?

3. What does Katniss discover when she returns to District 12 from the woods?

4. At the President's party, what is Katniss's main interest?

5. What does Peeta do to Katniss during the break?

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