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Suzanne Collins
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 1, The Spark: Chapters 7-9.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Katniss accidentally see on the television?
(a) President Snow's announcement of war.
(b) A broadcast from District 13.
(c) An interview with Peeta.
(d) News of an uprising in District 8.

2. What is Katniss's excuse for defying the Capitol during the last Hunger Games?
(a) She claims she did not know the rules.
(b) She claims to be the head of the Rebellion.
(c) She claims the President told her to defy the Capitol.
(d) She claims to have been blinded by love for Peeta.

3. At the President's party, what is Katniss's main interest?
(a) The people.
(b) The costumes.
(c) The ceiling.
(d) The food.

4. Who is Plutarch Heavensbee?
(a) The President's assistant.
(b) The Head Peacekeeper.
(c) The Head Gamemaker.
(d) The Hunger Games winner from a few years ago.

5. As victors of the Hunger Games, what are Katniss and Peeta obligated to do?
(a) They are obligated to choose the next tributes.
(b) They are obligated to help the Capitol advertise.
(c) They are obligated to mentor the tributes for the Quarter Quell.
(d) They are obligated to take publicity photos with the President.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Katniss promise to do on the tour?

2. If forced to marry Peeta, what is Katniss most worried about?

3. Where does Katniss choose to tell her plan to Peeta?

4. Who is Katniss shocked to find in her home?

5. What has Katniss's mockingjay pin become in the Capitol?

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