Objects & Places from Catching Fire

Suzanne Collins
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Peeta creates these objects that depict all he and Katniss experienced during the seventy-fourth Hunger Games.


Peeta gives Katniss this object, which he found in an oyster during the seventy-fifth games.


Peeta wears this object which has the image of a mockingjay on the outside and pictures of Katniss's family and Gale on the inside.

Mockingjay Pin

This object becomes a symbol of the rebellion and is worn by those who support it.

Wedding Dress

Katniss dresses in this object as ordered by the president, but Cinna rigs it so that when she lifts her arms it burns away.

Bow and Arrow

These objects are Katniss's weapons of choice.


Katniss and Peeta spend a great deal of time on these during the Victory Tour, and when they are chosen to return to the games as victors for the Quarter Quell.

Electrified Fence

This object...

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