Daily Lessons for Teaching Catching Fire

Suzanne Collins
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Lesson 1 (from Part 1, The Spark: Chapters 1-3)


Focus on Chapter 1.

Katniss takes refuge in the woods like she used to, though everything in her life has changed because of the Games. She worries about her friend Gale and his family, who will take game she shoots in the woods but not her money. Katniss tries to live her life as normally as she can, but the Games have changed her world forever.


1) Class Discussion: Make a list of what the reader should know at this point in the story. Since the book is a sequel it is important to have some understanding of the events of the previous volume. Who are the main characters? What are their relationships? What are the Hunger Games? Why is Katniss so important? How did she and Peeta survive the Hunger Games? Why is her best friend Gale passed off as her cousin?

2) In-class writing: In your...

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