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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Monique ask Frank to do when she breaks up with him?
(a) Continue to help Papa Lavalier in his business.
(b) Not take the break up personally.
(c) Help her to get a job with Pan Am.
(d) Never see her again.

2. Why does Frank have 10,000 payroll checks printed?
(a) He anticipates needing that many checks to pay for his European vacation.
(b) He expects to have to hire others to help him with his schemes.
(c) He is planning to expand his operations dramatically.
(d) He thinks printing so many makes him look like he really does work for Pan Am.

3. How does Frank get the money from the night depository out of the airport?
(a) He carries it out on the next flight.
(b) He stashes it in an airport locker.
(c) He carries it in bags one at a time.
(d) Two state troopers help him to carry it to his car.

4. How does Frank get a flight crew to travel with him?
(a) He asks Pan Am to supply him with a flight crew.
(b) He finds a flight crew that is traveling his direction and asks to travel with them.
(c) He recruits a group of stewardess interns from the University of Arizona.
(d) He takes a group of women into his confidence and explains the scheme.

5. Why does Frank decide to start forging large corporate checks?
(a) The criminal penalty is the same whether he passes a phony check for $100 or $5000.
(b) His expenses get larger and he needs more money.
(c) It is easier to forge a corporate check than a personal check.
(d) He has a grudge against Pan Am and wants to hurt the company.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who helps Frank to get a passport?

2. What is one way in which Frank is treated differently in Sweden than he is in France?

3. How does Frank award himself a bachelor's and master's degree from the University of Arizona?

4. How does Frank eventually pay his bail bondsman?

5. How does Frank give himself a head start before a bank can figure out that he is using phony checks?

Short Essay Questions

1. How do you think Frank's schemes affect the people around him?

2. Why can't the American consulate intervene on Frank's behalf and get him out of Perpignan?

3. Why does Frank not try to escape from the Malmo prison in Sweden?

4. Why do you think that Frank stops using Papa Lavalier's printing shop?

5. Describe living conditions for prisoners at Perpignan Prison.

6. How does Frank's background as a fake airline pilot help him to escape when he is extradited to the United States?

7. Why does Frank decide to take his criminal activities to the next level, and steal more money than he is taking before?

8. When and why does Frank make an exception to his policy of never defrauding individuals?

9. Why do you think that Frank pays the expenses for his crew of interns personally rather than coming up with a scheme for getting Pan Am to pay them?

10. Why do you think it is important to Frank to get a passport?

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