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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who helps Frank to get a passport?
(a) Pan Am's Mexico City office.
(b) The American embassy in Mexico City.
(c) A writer with political influence in Mexico.
(d) A Mexican politician.

2. How does Frank dupe Cheryl?
(a) He pays her with a worthless check, so she doesn't get paid at all.
(b) He convinces her that he pays her in a few days when he gets paid.
(c) He pays her with a phony check, and she gives him $400.00 in change.
(d) He pays her with a credit card that is over its limit.

3. Why does it help Frank to have Pan Am checks with Pan Am's bank account number printed on them?
(a) Banks check the account numbers against a list of account numbers that they have.
(b) When banks call to verify the amounts, Pan Am's bank confirms that there is enough money to pay the check.
(c) The bank account number makes the checks look more real.
(d) Bank tellers get suspicious if they see a number that is not the real account number.

4. How does Frank survive Perpignan?
(a) He talks to other prisoners.
(b) He imagines that he is somewhere else.
(c) He goes temporarily insane.
(d) He embarks on an exercise program.

5. Who is the first individual Frank admits to conning out of money?
(a) A Pan Am stewardess.
(b) A Miami prostitute.
(c) A college student intern.
(d) A bail bondsman.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Frank get the prison officials at the Federal Detention Center in Atlanta to treat him well?

2. How does Frank keep his stewardess interns from asking questions of other stewardesses they meet while they are traveling?

3. Where does Frank leave the checks and credit card receipts from his bank heist?

4. How do the French police locate Frank?

5. Who prints Pan Am payroll checks for Frank?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why do you think it is important to Frank to get a passport?

2. Why does Frank not try to escape from the Malmo prison in Sweden?

3. What is Frank's code of honor?

4. How do you think Frank expects Rosalie to react when he tells her who he really is?

5. How do you think Frank feels when he meets the Swedish police officers?

6. How do you think Frank's schemes affect the people around him?

7. Why does Frank feel that he needs a flight crew?

8. When and why does Frank make an exception to his policy of never defrauding individuals?

9. Why can't the American consulate intervene on Frank's behalf and get him out of Perpignan?

10. What risks does Frank expose himself to by using his real name?

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