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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Frank feel it is important to pay the bail bondsman?
(a) He likes the bail bondsman personally.
(b) He hopes the bail bondman does not talk to O'Riley if he is paid.
(c) His code of honor requires it.
(d) He thinks he may need to be bailed out again some other day.

2. How does Frank manage to steal deposits from ordinary bank customers?
(a) He phones people pretending to be from their banks.
(b) He types his account number on a pile of deposit slips.
(c) He finds out how to get account numbers from customers.
(d) He makes up account numbers and some turn out to be accurate.

3. Does Frank make money on the intern scheme?
(a) No, but he does not care since he had fun.
(b) Yes, but he spends it all on the interns.
(c) No, but he enjoys the summer of travel.
(d) Yes, he makes more than $300,000.00.

4. What is one way in which Frank is treated differently in Sweden than he is in France?
(a) He is not given enough to eat.
(b) He is not allowed to bathe.
(c) He is provided with medical care.
(d) He is not given room to move freely.

5. How does Frank get the prison officials at the Federal Detention Center in Atlanta to treat him well?
(a) He poses as a prison inspector.
(b) He poses as a doctor.
(c) He poses as a newspaper reporter.
(d) He poses as a lawyer.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why doesn't Frank return to visit his parents while he is in New York City living as a fugitive from the police and the FBI?

2. Which of Frank's relatives lives near Montpellier?

3. Why does Frank go to Vermont?

4. How does Frank convince the Boston desk sergeant to let him keep his pilot's license and I.D. card?

5. How does Frank manage to leave the Federal Detention Center?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Frank rely on stereotypes to get away with his cons?

2. Why does Frank feel that he needs a flight crew?

3. How does Frank convince Papa Lavalier that he is a pilot for Pan Am?

4. Describe living conditions for prisoners at Perpignan Prison.

5. How does Frank's plan to fill his account number in on a stack of deposit slips from the bank differ from his usual schemes?

6. How do you think Frank feels when he meets the Swedish police officers?

7. How does Frank survive Perpignan?

8. Why does O'Riley think that Frank must be 500 miles away when he hears that Frank makes bail?

9. Why can't the American consulate intervene on Frank's behalf and get him out of Perpignan?

10. Why does O'Riley tell Bailey that it serves him right that Frank pays him with a check?

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