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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Frank spend his time in Malmo Prison?
(a) He writes his life story.
(b) He studies law, hoping to find a loophole in his case.
(c) He takes classes in art.
(d) He wanders aimlessly around the prison.

2. How does Frank escape the federal officials who are surrounding his hotel?
(a) He poses as a member of the hotel's wait staff.
(b) He poses as an FBI agent and asks for O'Riley.
(c) He poses as a plainclothes police officer.
(d) He poses as a lawyer who is a guest of the hotel.

3. What bonus does Frank get from a Pan Am stewardess on vacation in Mexico?
(a) He gets more information about the way Pan Am works.
(b) He cashes a check for her and keeps her paycheck to use as a template.
(c) He gets a copy of her passport and starts printing his own passports.
(d) He finds out more about what Pan Am pilot's uniforms should look like.

4. Why does Frank feel it is important to pay the bail bondsman?
(a) His code of honor requires it.
(b) He thinks he may need to be bailed out again some other day.
(c) He likes the bail bondsman personally.
(d) He hopes the bail bondman does not talk to O'Riley if he is paid.

5. What does Monique ask Frank to do when she breaks up with him?
(a) Help her to get a job with Pan Am.
(b) Never see her again.
(c) Continue to help Papa Lavalier in his business.
(d) Not take the break up personally.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Frank almost caught because of one of his corporate expense checks?

2. Does Frank make money on the intern scheme?

3. Why does Pan Am start an investigation?

4. Where does Frank leave the checks and credit card receipts from his bank heist?

5. Who is Frank released to when he leaves Perpignan?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Frank's plan to fill his account number in on a stack of deposit slips from the bank differ from his usual schemes?

2. Why do you think that Frank chooses not to tell his grandparents that he is living in Montpellier?

3. How does Frank's background as a fake airline pilot help him to escape when he is extradited to the United States?

4. Why do you think that Frank stops using Papa Lavalier's printing shop?

5. How does Frank survive Perpignan?

6. Why does O'Riley think that Frank must be 500 miles away when he hears that Frank makes bail?

7. When and why does Frank make an exception to his policy of never defrauding individuals?

8. Describe living conditions for prisoners at Perpignan Prison.

9. How does Frank get himself out of the Fulton County jail?

10. What is Frank's code of honor?

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