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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why can't the American Consulate intervene on Frank's behalf?
(a) Because Frank also commits crimes in the United States.
(b) Because Frank is being treated exactly like the French prisoners.
(c) Because Frank is not behaving well in prison.
(d) Because Frank commits the crimes for which he is tried.

2. What is one way in which Frank is treated differently in Sweden than he is in France?
(a) He is not allowed to bathe.
(b) He is not given enough to eat.
(c) He is not given room to move freely.
(d) He is provided with medical care.

3. Who prints Pan Am payroll checks for Frank?
(a) He prints them himself.
(b) His girlfriend's father.
(c) An English printer.
(d) Pam Am prints them for Frank.

4. Why doesn't Frank return to visit his parents while he is in New York City living as a fugitive from the police and the FBI?
(a) He does not want to see them.
(b) He thinks that they may turn him in to the authorities.
(c) He fears their homes are under surveillance.
(d) He is embarrassed to have them know he is a fugitive.

5. Why does it help Frank to have Pan Am checks with Pan Am's bank account number printed on them?
(a) When banks call to verify the amounts, Pan Am's bank confirms that there is enough money to pay the check.
(b) Banks check the account numbers against a list of account numbers that they have.
(c) Bank tellers get suspicious if they see a number that is not the real account number.
(d) The bank account number makes the checks look more real.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Frank promise the Swedish judge who releases him to the United States?

2. How does Frank convince the Boston desk sergeant to let him keep his pilot's license and I.D. card?

3. Where does Frank go with the money he makes from his account deposit scheme?

4. Why is Frank almost caught because of one of his corporate expense checks?

5. How does Frank manage to leave the Federal Detention Center?

Short Essay Questions

1. When and why does Frank make an exception to his policy of never defrauding individuals?

2. What do you think is Frank's opinion of women?

3. What risks does Frank expose himself to by using his real name?

4. How does Frank's background as a fake airline pilot help him to escape when he is extradited to the United States?

5. How do you think Frank expects Rosalie to react when he tells her who he really is?

6. Why do you think it is important to Frank to get a passport?

7. How do you think Frank feels when he meets the Swedish police officers?

8. What is Frank's code of honor?

9. How does Frank convince Papa Lavalier that he is a pilot for Pan Am?

10. Why can't the American consulate intervene on Frank's behalf and get him out of Perpignan?

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