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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Frank's ability to pass the bar exam prove?
(a) He is smart enough to finish school and get a good job.
(b) Anyone can be a lawyer.
(c) It is easy to cheat on the bar exam.
(d) Frank should stay in his job as an attorney.

2. What does Frank decide to do to make it possible for him to cash more bad checks?
(a) He decides to open a new account in a different bank.
(b) He decides to pose as an airline pilot.
(c) He decides to go to more places where he is not known.
(d) He decides to forge some new identification.

3. How does Frank avoid leaving a trail at his apartment building?
(a) He uses money orders and cashier's checks.
(b) He never pays his rent but moves out when the rent is due.
(c) He pays his rent with a nonexistent checking account.
(d) He pays cash and never wears his uniform there.

4. When he realizes that airline employees are suspicious of him, how does Frank gather more information about his role as a pilot?
(a) He uses a method of trial and error.
(b) He reads airline magazines.
(c) He goes to the library.
(d) He conducts more interviews.

5. Why do the interns like to have Frank supervising them?
(a) They think he has confidence in them as doctors.
(b) They hope to learn from his medical expertise.
(c) They think he lets them get away with anything.
(d) They like him because he jokes a lot.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Frank earn a living when he first runs away from home?

2. How does Frank's supervisor at the Attorney General's office treat him?

3. What does Frank tell his girlfriend when he leaves town and abandons his job as a lawyer?

4. Where does Frank get the Pan Am logo for his I.D. card?

5. What incident scares Frank into thinking about resigning?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why do you think Frank gives different names to different stewardesses?

2. How does Frank test his con before actually deadheading on a flight?

3. Describe Frank's appearance.

4. Do you think that Frank's con works today? Why or why not?

5. Why do you think that presenting himself as a jokester helps Frank to be accepted and look as though he knows what he is doing in the hospital?

6. What is Frank's pattern of preparing himself for a new role?

7. Why does Frank feel safe perpetuating his scams? Why do you think he is not more worried about being caught?

8. Why do you think Frank thinks it is important never to wear his uniform around his apartment building?

9. First Frank poses as a pilot, then as a pediatrician. Do you see a pattern in his choices of role? Why do you think Frank chooses the roles that he does?

10. How does Frank feel about not being entrusted with any actual legal work?

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