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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Frank actually doing when FBI agent O'Riley shows up at the Boston jail to pick him up?
(a) He is hiding in the apartment of a girlfriend.
(b) He is 500 miles away.
(c) He is on a plane to Paris.
(d) He is at the airport stealing the money from the bank's night depository.

2. Why does Frank decide that he needs a flight crew?
(a) It makes his check-cashing scheme more believable.
(b) He hopes the crew make it harder for the FBI to trace him.
(c) He likes the idea of having beautiful women around.
(d) Banks are starting to tell him that they don't believe he is a pilot.

3. Which of the following is an important part of Frank's summer intern scheme?
(a) Making sure the interns wear their uniforms at all times.
(b) Cashing the interns' paychecks for them as a group.
(c) Never traveling on Pan Am itself, only on other carriers.
(d) Carrying the interns' passports for them as a group.

4. How does Frank describe Rosalie?
(a) Dishonest and unfaithful.
(b) Desperate for attention.
(c) Easy to manipulate.
(d) Loyal and honest.

5. While he is watching the bank, Frank is approached by ____________________ who know his real identity.
(a) Two former girlfriends.
(b) Two Massachusetts state troopers.
(c) Two pilots working for Pan Am.
(d) Two FBI agents.

6. How does Frank award himself a bachelor's and master's degree from the University of Arizona?
(a) He slips a student file for himself in the pile with the prospective intern files.
(b) He makes a copy of a degree and then forges his own diplomas.
(c) He sneaks into the registrar's office and sets up a file.
(d) He decides to return to school at the university when the summer is over.

7. Where is Frank apprehended by the French police?
(a) At his grandparents' house.
(b) In a grocery store.
(c) In Armand's vineyards.
(d) As he is getting into his car.

8. What are living conditions like at Perpignan?
(a) Prisoners come and go as they please on work release.
(b) Prisoners live in damp, dark cells with no sanitation.
(c) Prisoners are treated humanely, but have little to eat.
(d) Prisoners are given their own apartments.

9. Why does Frank have 10,000 payroll checks printed?
(a) He thinks printing so many makes him look like he really does work for Pan Am.
(b) He anticipates needing that many checks to pay for his European vacation.
(c) He is planning to expand his operations dramatically.
(d) He expects to have to hire others to help him with his schemes.

10. Why is Frank almost caught because of one of his corporate expense checks?
(a) The check is not a good forgery and it is detected.
(b) He passes a phony check to the same bank teller twice.
(c) He forgets he writes his own name and address on the back.
(d) He does not realize the FBI is tracking his phony checks.

11. How does Frank get himself out of the Fulton County Jail?
(a) He manages to steal a set of keys from a guard.
(b) He phones the desk sergeant posing as a doctor and claims that Frank Abagnale is diabetic.
(c) He poses as a lawyer for one of the other prisoners and convinces the guard to let him out.
(d) He gets a bail bondsman to bail him out.

12. Who is Frank released to when he leaves Perpignan?
(a) The British police.
(b) The Swedish police.
(c) The Italian police.
(d) The Swiss police.

13. How does Frank escape from the plane that is bringing him back to the United States?
(a) He talks the FBI agents into letting him go to the bathroom and then runs away.
(b) He remains on the plane, hiding, after the other passengers deplane.
(c) He unsnaps the toilet and drops through the hole onto the tarmac.
(d) He gets on the wrong plane when he is leaving Sweden.

14. Who prints Pan Am payroll checks for Frank?
(a) Pam Am prints them for Frank.
(b) An English printer.
(c) He prints them himself.
(d) His girlfriend's father.

15. How does Frank manage to leave the Federal Detention Center?
(a) He is allowed to leave for the day as part of a work release program.
(b) He pretends to be very sick and is removed to a hospital.
(c) His lawyer gets him out while awaiting trial.
(d) He tells the prison officials that he has an urgent meeting and they let him walk out.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Frank learn from Pixie, the commercial artist?

2. How does Frank keep his stewardess interns from asking questions of other stewardesses they meet while they are traveling?

3. Why does Monique break up with Frank?

4. How does Frank give himself a head start before a bank can figure out that he is using phony checks?

5. How many of Frank's interns begin to suspect that he is duping them?

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