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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Frank eventually pay his bail bondsman?
(a) With a phony Pan Am check.
(b) With a credit card.
(c) With cash.
(d) With a legitimate cashier's check.

2. What does Monique ask Frank to do when she breaks up with him?
(a) Help her to get a job with Pan Am.
(b) Continue to help Papa Lavalier in his business.
(c) Never see her again.
(d) Not take the break up personally.

3. What plans does Frank make for his future while he is living in Montpellier?
(a) He hopes to get a legitimate job working for an airline.
(b) He is considering returning to school.
(c) He plans to loaf for the rest of his life.
(d) He is thinking of moving in with his grandparents.

4. What does Frank have Papa Lavalier print before he returns to New York?
(a) 1,500 personal checks for Frank.
(b) A second set of phony identification cards.
(c) 10,000 more payroll checks for Pan Am.
(d) Three hundred copies of a cashier's check for $1,200.00.

5. Who does Frank confess to?
(a) A female bank manager.
(b) His lover, Rosalie.
(c) The FBI agent who is chasing him.
(d) His friend, the fisherman.

6. What does Frank learn from Pixie, the commercial artist?
(a) Las Vegas is the perfect place for him to operate for a while.
(b) The FBI are still looking for him and they are getting closer.
(c) The routing numbers on checks tell where a bank is located.
(d) With an I-Tek camera and a printing press he can print his own checks.

7. Why does Frank decide that he needs a flight crew?
(a) Banks are starting to tell him that they don't believe he is a pilot.
(b) He hopes the crew make it harder for the FBI to trace him.
(c) He likes the idea of having beautiful women around.
(d) It makes his check-cashing scheme more believable.

8. How does Frank convince a Miami bank manager to cash a personal check for $15,000?
(a) He convinces her that he is a lawyer.
(b) He convinces her that the money is pending on his Philadelphia account.
(c) He uses a Pan Am expense check.
(d) He charms her into cashing the check for him.

9. Whose intervention saves Frank from being turned over to the FBI while he is in jail in Boston?
(a) A desk sergeant.
(b) A state trooper.
(c) A Pan Am pilot.
(d) A bail bondsman.

10. Why does Frank have 10,000 payroll checks printed?
(a) He is planning to expand his operations dramatically.
(b) He thinks printing so many makes him look like he really does work for Pan Am.
(c) He anticipates needing that many checks to pay for his European vacation.
(d) He expects to have to hire others to help him with his schemes.

11. Why is Frank almost caught because of one of his corporate expense checks?
(a) He does not realize the FBI is tracking his phony checks.
(b) He passes a phony check to the same bank teller twice.
(c) He forgets he writes his own name and address on the back.
(d) The check is not a good forgery and it is detected.

12. Who does Monique leave Frank for?
(a) An Air France pilot.
(b) A local printer.
(c) An FBI agent.
(d) An Air France flight attendant.

13. Why is it so hard for the FBI to find out anything about Frank?
(a) His checks are very good forgeries.
(b) None of their usual informants know who he is.
(c) The phony checks are never left in the same place twice.
(d) He is very average-looking and no one can describe him.

14. Which of the following is an important part of Frank's summer intern scheme?
(a) Cashing the interns' paychecks for them as a group.
(b) Carrying the interns' passports for them as a group.
(c) Never traveling on Pan Am itself, only on other carriers.
(d) Making sure the interns wear their uniforms at all times.

15. How does Frank award himself a bachelor's and master's degree from the University of Arizona?
(a) He decides to return to school at the university when the summer is over.
(b) He makes a copy of a degree and then forges his own diplomas.
(c) He slips a student file for himself in the pile with the prospective intern files.
(d) He sneaks into the registrar's office and sets up a file.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Frank convince the bank teller to give him the original check?

2. How does Frank keep his stewardess interns from asking questions of other stewardesses they meet while they are traveling?

3. Why doesn't Frank answer Jan's questions at first?

4. Where does Frank go with the money he makes from his account deposit scheme?

5. Where is Frank apprehended by the French police?

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