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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why doesn't Frank call his parents when he returns to New York?
(a) He is too ashamed to face them.
(b) He does not want to have to lie to them.
(c) He is still angry about the divorce.
(d) He fears that they turn him in.

2. Why does Frank have 10,000 payroll checks printed?
(a) He anticipates needing that many checks to pay for his European vacation.
(b) He thinks printing so many makes him look like he really does work for Pan Am.
(c) He is planning to expand his operations dramatically.
(d) He expects to have to hire others to help him with his schemes.

3. How does Frank eventually pay his bail bondsman?
(a) With a legitimate cashier's check.
(b) With a phony Pan Am check.
(c) With cash.
(d) With a credit card.

4. Which of the following is an example of Frank's "code of honor"?
(a) He insists on cashing the interns' checks himself.
(b) He refuses to send any more business to Papa Lavalier.
(c) He never steals money from the interns.
(d) He refuses to sleep with any of the interns.

5. How much does Frank make from his heist of the bank's night depository?
(a) More than $10,000.00.
(b) More than a million dollars.
(c) More than $20,000.00.
(d) More than $62,000.00.

6. Which of Frank's relatives lives near Montpellier?
(a) His parents.
(b) His grandparents.
(c) His aunt and uncle.
(d) His cousins.

7. How does Frank spend his time in Malmo Prison?
(a) He writes his life story.
(b) He wanders aimlessly around the prison.
(c) He takes classes in art.
(d) He studies law, hoping to find a loophole in his case.

8. How does Frank get a security guard's uniform?
(a) He makes one himself.
(b) He gets one from a uniform supply company.
(c) He just wears his Pan Am pilot's uniform instead.
(d) He does not bother with a uniform.

9. What is Frank actually doing when FBI agent O'Riley shows up at the Boston jail to pick him up?
(a) He is at the airport stealing the money from the bank's night depository.
(b) He is on a plane to Paris.
(c) He is hiding in the apartment of a girlfriend.
(d) He is 500 miles away.

10. Why does Pan Am start an investigation?
(a) Pan Am begins to realize that its checks are being forged.
(b) A Pan Am pilot sees Frank in Europe and becomes suspicious.
(c) Frank brazenly tells Pan Am what he is doing.
(d) Frank has proofs from the photo sessions sent to Pan Am's offices.

11. What bonus does Frank get from a Pan Am stewardess on vacation in Mexico?
(a) He cashes a check for her and keeps her paycheck to use as a template.
(b) He gets a copy of her passport and starts printing his own passports.
(c) He gets more information about the way Pan Am works.
(d) He finds out more about what Pan Am pilot's uniforms should look like.

12. Why does Frank refuse a job in his friend Armand's vineyards?
(a) He does not need the money.
(b) He thinks the work is boring.
(c) He does not enjoy physical labor.
(d) He fears the job exposes him to the authorities.

13. Why can't the American Consulate intervene on Frank's behalf?
(a) Because Frank also commits crimes in the United States.
(b) Because Frank is being treated exactly like the French prisoners.
(c) Because Frank is not behaving well in prison.
(d) Because Frank commits the crimes for which he is tried.

14. Who helps Frank to get a passport?
(a) Pan Am's Mexico City office.
(b) A Mexican politician.
(c) The American embassy in Mexico City.
(d) A writer with political influence in Mexico.

15. Why doesn't Frank answer Jan's questions at first?
(a) He fears that he is in a Swedish prison for 20 years.
(b) He believes that he is turned back over to the FBI.
(c) He thinks that he is extradited to Italy soon.
(d) He does not expect to be treated humanely after his trial.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where is Frank apprehended by the French police?

2. Why does it help Frank to have Pan Am checks with Pan Am's bank account number printed on them?

3. What are living conditions like at Perpignan?

4. Why does Frank decide to leave for Montpellier, France?

5. Why does Frank decide that he needs a flight crew?

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