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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following is an example of Frank's "code of honor"?
(a) He refuses to send any more business to Papa Lavalier.
(b) He insists on cashing the interns' checks himself.
(c) He never steals money from the interns.
(d) He refuses to sleep with any of the interns.

2. Why doesn't Frank call his parents when he returns to New York?
(a) He does not want to have to lie to them.
(b) He fears that they turn him in.
(c) He is still angry about the divorce.
(d) He is too ashamed to face them.

3. Which of the following is an important part of Frank's summer intern scheme?
(a) Carrying the interns' passports for them as a group.
(b) Never traveling on Pan Am itself, only on other carriers.
(c) Making sure the interns wear their uniforms at all times.
(d) Cashing the interns' paychecks for them as a group.

4. Why does Pan Am start an investigation?
(a) Pan Am begins to realize that its checks are being forged.
(b) A Pan Am pilot sees Frank in Europe and becomes suspicious.
(c) Frank brazenly tells Pan Am what he is doing.
(d) Frank has proofs from the photo sessions sent to Pan Am's offices.

5. How does Frank manage to leave the Federal Detention Center?
(a) His lawyer gets him out while awaiting trial.
(b) He pretends to be very sick and is removed to a hospital.
(c) He is allowed to leave for the day as part of a work release program.
(d) He tells the prison officials that he has an urgent meeting and they let him walk out.

6. How do the French police locate Frank?
(a) Frank's grandparents turn him in for his own good.
(b) They receive a tip from an Air France flight attendant.
(c) They follow a paper trail of forged checks.
(d) The FBI tell them where to find Frank.

7. What does Frank pose as in Philadelphia?
(a) A lawyer.
(b) A university professor.
(c) A construction company executive.
(d) A pilot.

8. While he is watching the bank, Frank is approached by ____________________ who know his real identity.
(a) Two Massachusetts state troopers.
(b) Two FBI agents.
(c) Two former girlfriends.
(d) Two pilots working for Pan Am.

9. Which of the following activities is Frank the first known check forger ever to do?
(a) Travel around the country while forging checks.
(b) Steal such a large amount of money in such a short time.
(c) Print his own checks with a printing press.
(d) Manipulate the routing numbers on the bottom of checks.

10. How much does Frank make by stealing money from small deposits that people make at the bank?
(a) More than $40,000.
(b) More than $2,000.
(c) More than $10,000.
(d) More than a million dollars.

11. How does Frank spend his time in Malmo Prison?
(a) He studies law, hoping to find a loophole in his case.
(b) He wanders aimlessly around the prison.
(c) He takes classes in art.
(d) He writes his life story.

12. What is Frank's sentence at Perpignan Prison?
(a) Five years.
(b) One year.
(c) Ten years.
(d) Six months.

13. Who prints Pan Am payroll checks for Frank?
(a) He prints them himself.
(b) An English printer.
(c) His girlfriend's father.
(d) Pam Am prints them for Frank.

14. How does Frank get the money from the night depository out of the airport?
(a) Two state troopers help him to carry it to his car.
(b) He carries it out on the next flight.
(c) He carries it in bags one at a time.
(d) He stashes it in an airport locker.

15. What does Frank have Papa Lavalier print before he returns to New York?
(a) 10,000 more payroll checks for Pan Am.
(b) 1,500 personal checks for Frank.
(c) A second set of phony identification cards.
(d) Three hundred copies of a cashier's check for $1,200.00.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Monique ask Frank to do when she breaks up with him?

2. Why can't the American Consulate intervene on Frank's behalf?

3. Why does Monique break up with Frank?

4. Where does Frank go in an attempt to escape the manhunt for him?

5. How much does Frank make from his heist of the bank's night depository?

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