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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Frank get himself out of the Fulton County Jail?
(a) He manages to steal a set of keys from a guard.
(b) He gets a bail bondsman to bail him out.
(c) He phones the desk sergeant posing as a doctor and claims that Frank Abagnale is diabetic.
(d) He poses as a lawyer for one of the other prisoners and convinces the guard to let him out.

2. How does Frank manage to steal deposits from ordinary bank customers?
(a) He finds out how to get account numbers from customers.
(b) He phones people pretending to be from their banks.
(c) He types his account number on a pile of deposit slips.
(d) He makes up account numbers and some turn out to be accurate.

3. Which of the following is an example of Frank's "code of honor"?
(a) He refuses to sleep with any of the interns.
(b) He never steals money from the interns.
(c) He insists on cashing the interns' checks himself.
(d) He refuses to send any more business to Papa Lavalier.

4. How does Frank give himself a head start before a bank can figure out that he is using phony checks?
(a) He uses checks in which the bank indicatese routing number is not the bank listed on the check. by th
(b) He cashes checks under a different name than the one he is traveling under.
(c) He uses checks issued by a bank in another city.
(d) He cashes checks late in the day so they are not processed right away.

5. What is one way in which Frank is treated differently in Sweden than he is in France?
(a) He is not given enough to eat.
(b) He is not given room to move freely.
(c) He is provided with medical care.
(d) He is not allowed to bathe.

6. How does Frank convince a Miami bank manager to cash a personal check for $15,000?
(a) He uses a Pan Am expense check.
(b) He convinces her that the money is pending on his Philadelphia account.
(c) He charms her into cashing the check for him.
(d) He convinces her that he is a lawyer.

7. Whose intervention saves Frank from being turned over to the FBI while he is in jail in Boston?
(a) A state trooper.
(b) A desk sergeant.
(c) A Pan Am pilot.
(d) A bail bondsman.

8. Where does Frank go in an attempt to escape the manhunt for him?
(a) Anchorage.
(b) Las Vegas.
(c) Washington D.C..
(d) New York City.

9. Why does Frank leave Rosalie?
(a) She asks him to leave.
(b) She is not serious about him.
(c) She is not willing to move with him.
(d) She tells the police about him.

10. How does Frank get the money from the night depository out of the airport?
(a) He carries it in bags one at a time.
(b) He stashes it in an airport locker.
(c) He carries it out on the next flight.
(d) Two state troopers help him to carry it to his car.

11. How much does Frank make by stealing money from small deposits that people make at the bank?
(a) More than $2,000.
(b) More than $40,000.
(c) More than $10,000.
(d) More than a million dollars.

12. Why does Frank refuse a job in his friend Armand's vineyards?
(a) He thinks the work is boring.
(b) He fears the job exposes him to the authorities.
(c) He does not enjoy physical labor.
(d) He does not need the money.

13. How does Frank get a security guard's uniform?
(a) He makes one himself.
(b) He does not bother with a uniform.
(c) He gets one from a uniform supply company.
(d) He just wears his Pan Am pilot's uniform instead.

14. How does Frank spend his time in Malmo Prison?
(a) He takes classes in art.
(b) He studies law, hoping to find a loophole in his case.
(c) He wanders aimlessly around the prison.
(d) He writes his life story.

15. What does Frank have Papa Lavalier print before he returns to New York?
(a) 1,500 personal checks for Frank.
(b) Three hundred copies of a cashier's check for $1,200.00.
(c) A second set of phony identification cards.
(d) 10,000 more payroll checks for Pan Am.

Short Answer Questions

1. What are living conditions like at Perpignan?

2. Why does Frank decide that he needs a flight crew?

3. What does Frank promise the Swedish judge who releases him to the United States?

4. Which of Frank's relatives lives near Montpellier?

5. How much does Frank make from his heist of the bank's night depository?

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