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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Frank convince the Boston desk sergeant to let him keep his pilot's license and I.D. card?
(a) He cites his constitutional rights.
(b) He threatens to call his lawyer and sues the police station.
(c) He argues that he cannot do any harm with them in a jail cell.
(d) He says that company regulations require him to keep them on him at all times.

2. Why does Frank have 10,000 payroll checks printed?
(a) He is planning to expand his operations dramatically.
(b) He anticipates needing that many checks to pay for his European vacation.
(c) He thinks printing so many makes him look like he really does work for Pan Am.
(d) He expects to have to hire others to help him with his schemes.

3. Why does it help Frank to have Pan Am checks with Pan Am's bank account number printed on them?
(a) Banks check the account numbers against a list of account numbers that they have.
(b) Bank tellers get suspicious if they see a number that is not the real account number.
(c) The bank account number makes the checks look more real.
(d) When banks call to verify the amounts, Pan Am's bank confirms that there is enough money to pay the check.

4. Why doesn't Frank call his parents when he returns to New York?
(a) He is too ashamed to face them.
(b) He does not want to have to lie to them.
(c) He is still angry about the divorce.
(d) He fears that they turn him in.

5. How does Frank get the prison officials at the Federal Detention Center in Atlanta to treat him well?
(a) He poses as a doctor.
(b) He poses as a newspaper reporter.
(c) He poses as a lawyer.
(d) He poses as a prison inspector.

6. What does Monique ask Frank to do when she breaks up with him?
(a) Continue to help Papa Lavalier in his business.
(b) Help her to get a job with Pan Am.
(c) Not take the break up personally.
(d) Never see her again.

7. How do the French police locate Frank?
(a) They receive a tip from an Air France flight attendant.
(b) They follow a paper trail of forged checks.
(c) Frank's grandparents turn him in for his own good.
(d) The FBI tell them where to find Frank.

8. While he is watching the bank, Frank is approached by ____________________ who know his real identity.
(a) Two Massachusetts state troopers.
(b) Two former girlfriends.
(c) Two FBI agents.
(d) Two pilots working for Pan Am.

9. Why does Monique break up with Frank?
(a) She wants to get married and settle down.
(b) She is jealous of Frank's summer interns.
(c) She figures out that he is a con man.
(d) She does not like Frank very well.

10. How does Frank avoid being caught when the bank figures out that his check is phony?
(a) He decides to stay with a girlfriend for a few weeks.
(b) He poses as an FBI agent and confiscates the phony check.
(c) He changes to a different identity and avoids banks.
(d) He quickly leaves town.

11. Where does Frank leave the checks and credit card receipts from his bank heist?
(a) In the bathtub of his hotel room.
(b) In Boston's harbor.
(c) In a suitcase in the airport.
(d) In a locker at the bus station.

12. Who does Frank confess to?
(a) A female bank manager.
(b) His lover, Rosalie.
(c) His friend, the fisherman.
(d) The FBI agent who is chasing him.

13. What does Frank learn from Pixie, the commercial artist?
(a) Las Vegas is the perfect place for him to operate for a while.
(b) With an I-Tek camera and a printing press he can print his own checks.
(c) The FBI are still looking for him and they are getting closer.
(d) The routing numbers on checks tell where a bank is located.

14. What plans does Frank make for his future while he is living in Montpellier?
(a) He is thinking of moving in with his grandparents.
(b) He hopes to get a legitimate job working for an airline.
(c) He is considering returning to school.
(d) He plans to loaf for the rest of his life.

15. How does Frank manage to steal deposits from ordinary bank customers?
(a) He types his account number on a pile of deposit slips.
(b) He finds out how to get account numbers from customers.
(c) He makes up account numbers and some turn out to be accurate.
(d) He phones people pretending to be from their banks.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Frank promise the Swedish judge who releases him to the United States?

2. What bonus does Frank get from a Pan Am stewardess on vacation in Mexico?

3. How does Frank manage to leave the Federal Detention Center?

4. How does Frank keep his stewardess interns from asking questions of other stewardesses they meet while they are traveling?

5. How does Frank escape the federal officials who are surrounding his hotel?

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