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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Frank decide to do to make it possible for him to cash more bad checks?
(a) He decides to open a new account in a different bank.
(b) He decides to go to more places where he is not known.
(c) He decides to forge some new identification.
(d) He decides to pose as an airline pilot.

2. How does Frank manage to keep track of the information he collects?
(a) He uses an electronic organizer.
(b) He does not bother to keep track of it all.
(c) He takes notes in a notebook.
(d) He keeps it all in his head.

3. What does Frank's ability to pass the bar exam prove?
(a) Frank should stay in his job as an attorney.
(b) He is smart enough to finish school and get a good job.
(c) Anyone can be a lawyer.
(d) It is easy to cheat on the bar exam.

4. Where does Frank get the Pan Am logo for his I.D. card?
(a) He gets it from the company that makes the I.D. cards.
(b) He takes it from a Pan Am brochure.
(c) He takes it off a model airplane from a hobby shop.
(d) He draws it himself and puts it on his card.

5. How is Frank affected by his parents' divorce?
(a) His father tries to use Frank to woo his mother back.
(b) His teachers feel sorry for him because of the divorce.
(c) His siblings blame Frank for the divorce.
(d) His mother refuses to let Frank live with her.

6. Which of the following does NOT help Frank to avoid being caught by the FBI while he is living in Atlanta?
(a) The FBI are looking for a fake pilot.
(b) Frank researches his new role carefully.
(c) The FBI are looking in the wrong city.
(d) Frank does not need to cash any fake checks.

7. What does Frank do for a living when he first moves into the River Bend complex?
(a) He doesn't earn any money; he just enjoys the single life.
(b) He gets a part-time job in a local warehouse.
(c) He continues to pose as a pilot but stops deadheading.
(d) He immediately starts working as a pediatrician.

8. How does Frank manage to pass the bar exam?
(a) He studies hard and takes it three times.
(b) He has someone else take the exam for him.
(c) He gets a copy of the exam and cheats.
(d) He doesn't pass the exam, but he forges documents showing that he does.

9. What explanation does Frank give the state's attorney's office for his decision to stop working as a pilot?
(a) He explains that he never really works for Pan Am.
(b) He explains that he wants to settle down and work in one location.
(c) He says that he is furloughed because of personnel cutbacks.
(d) He says that flying does not present him with enough of a challenge.

10. How does Frank handle the questions about his trip to Dallas?
(a) He refuses to answer any questions.
(b) He explains that he is going to Dallas to get more training.
(c) He says he is going to fly a freight plane.
(d) He says that Pan Am is planning to start flying out of Dallas.

11. How does Frank feel about being sent to reform school?
(a) He feels it is unfair because his father forgives him.
(b) He uses it as a chance to learn more about being a con artist.
(c) He feels angry and tries to escape.
(d) He likes the reform school better than living at home.

12. How does Frank avoid leaving a trail at his apartment building?
(a) He pays cash and never wears his uniform there.
(b) He uses money orders and cashier's checks.
(c) He never pays his rent but moves out when the rent is due.
(d) He pays his rent with a nonexistent checking account.

13. How does Frank's supervisor at the Attorney General's office treat him?
(a) Like a secretary.
(b) Like a competent attorney.
(c) Like a gopher.
(d) Like a future politician.

14. What skills must Frank possess in order to pass himself off as a doctor?
(a) The ability to remain unflustered in any situation.
(b) The ability to learn new information quickly.
(c) The ability to fake paperwork.
(d) The ability to charm anyone he meets.

15. If Frank gets a regular job, which of the following professions do you think he is best suited for?
(a) Cashier.
(b) Waiter.
(c) Fireman.
(d) Actor.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Frank pretend to be a representative of Carib Air?

2. Why does Frank think he doesn't get in much trouble if he is caught?

3. How does Frank earn a living when he first runs away from home?

4. What does NOT make Frank nervous the first time he deadheads on a flight?

5. Why doesn't Frank worry that the hotels may call the police?

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