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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Frank pretend to be a representative of Carib Air?
(a) To get a sample I.D. card made.
(b) To get a pilot's license made.
(c) To get a pilot's uniform.
(d) To deadhead on a flight.

2. Why can't Frank earn a decent living at an ordinary job?
(a) He is a wanted criminal.
(b) He is not good at learning new things.
(c) He never gets his high school diploma.
(d) He is too young to get a good job.

3. How does Frank avoid blowing his cover while he is working at the hospital?
(a) He talks to the nurses to find out what he needs to know.
(b) He presents himself as distant and all-knowing.
(c) He spends a lot of time doing research.
(d) He presents himself as a jokester.

4. How does Frank find a place to stay after he runs away?
(a) He convinces a friend's parents that he is an orphan.
(b) He forges checks to pay for hotel rooms.
(c) He puts his apartment rent on his credit card bill.
(d) He becomes homeless and has to live on the streets.

5. If Frank gets a regular job, which of the following professions do you think he is best suited for?
(a) Waiter.
(b) Actor.
(c) Fireman.
(d) Cashier.

6. How does Frank earn a living when he first runs away from home?
(a) He takes a job in a stationery store for $1.50 an hour.
(b) He works part-time in a warehouse.
(c) He supports himself writing bad checks.
(d) He lives off money sent to him by his parents.

7. What does Frank do if he suspects the police are starting to catch up with him?
(a) He deadheads to another city.
(b) He asks around to find out if anyone is looking for him.
(c) He gets a legitimate job for a while.
(d) He stays with a girlfriend for a few days.

8. How does Frank earn his father's trust?
(a) By getting good grades in school.
(b) By paying off his credit card debt.
(c) By carrying messages to his mother.
(d) By getting a part-time job in a warehouse.

9. How does Frank feel about being sent to reform school?
(a) He feels angry and tries to escape.
(b) He likes the reform school better than living at home.
(c) He uses it as a chance to learn more about being a con artist.
(d) He feels it is unfair because his father forgives him.

10. Where does Frank get the Pan Am logo for his I.D. card?
(a) He takes it from a Pan Am brochure.
(b) He gets it from the company that makes the I.D. cards.
(c) He takes it off a model airplane from a hobby shop.
(d) He draws it himself and puts it on his card.

11. Why does Frank end up leaving his job as an attorney?
(a) He meets another Harvard man who becomes suspicious.
(b) He decides that it is time to move on in case the FBI is catching up.
(c) He misses traveling around the country as a pilot.
(d) He gets tired of being treated like a gopher.

12. What mistake does Frank's father have expunged from Frank's record?
(a) His credit card scheme.
(b) Forging a check.
(c) His arrest for stealing a car.
(d) Truancy from school.

13. Why is Frank forced to pose as a lawyer?
(a) An old girlfriend remembers that he tells her he has a law degree from Harvard.
(b) He needs a job that allows him to avoid the FBI.
(c) He is looking for a job that helps him to earn a good salary.
(d) He wants to find a job where he cannot accidentally kill anyone.

14. What does Frank's ability to pass the bar exam prove?
(a) He is smart enough to finish school and get a good job.
(b) Anyone can be a lawyer.
(c) It is easy to cheat on the bar exam.
(d) Frank should stay in his job as an attorney.

15. Why does Frank later realize that it is just as well that he leaves Atlanta when he does?
(a) Because he is easily identified by any of the people he works with.
(b) Because patients at the hospital where he works are complaining.
(c) Because a paper trail leads straight to his apartment at River Bend.
(d) Because he has an FBI inspector concentrating on his case alone now.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Frank add to his university lectures?

2. Why does Frank accept the job as a supervising resident, even though he knows that he is not qualified to practice medicine?

3. What does Frank tell his girlfriend when he leaves town and abandons his job as a lawyer?

4. What does Frank learn from watching his father's business dealings?

5. How does Frank manage to keep track of the information he collects?

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