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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is "deadheading"?
(a) Failing to pay a credit card bill.
(b) Getting a free ride in the cockpit of an airplane.
(c) Tricking a teacher or school with a fake note.
(d) Forging a check.

2. Why is Frank forced to pose as a lawyer?
(a) He is looking for a job that helps him to earn a good salary.
(b) He needs a job that allows him to avoid the FBI.
(c) He wants to find a job where he cannot accidentally kill anyone.
(d) An old girlfriend remembers that he tells her he has a law degree from Harvard.

3. What does NOT make Frank nervous the first time he deadheads on a flight?
(a) Waiting while an airline employee calls the FAA tower.
(b) Having to present his pilot's license and I.D. card.
(c) Answering questions from the pilot and copilot during the flight.
(d) Trying to find the jumpseat in the cockpit.

4. Why does Frank leave his $1.50/hour job?
(a) He is afraid his boss finds out he is forging checks.
(b) He does not like working for a living.
(c) He cannot live on that amount of money.
(d) He hopes to find a job where he meets more girls.

5. How does Frank handle the questions about his trip to Dallas?
(a) He refuses to answer any questions.
(b) He says he is going to fly a freight plane.
(c) He explains that he is going to Dallas to get more training.
(d) He says that Pan Am is planning to start flying out of Dallas.

6. Why does Frank pretend to be a representative of Carib Air?
(a) To get a sample I.D. card made.
(b) To get a pilot's uniform.
(c) To deadhead on a flight.
(d) To get a pilot's license made.

7. What mistake does Frank's father have expunged from Frank's record?
(a) Forging a check.
(b) Truancy from school.
(c) His credit card scheme.
(d) His arrest for stealing a car.

8. What is Frank's biggest complaint about the reformatory?
(a) There are no girls.
(b) There is nothing to do for fun.
(c) He misses his family.
(d) His freedom is restricted.

9. What does Frank decide to do after traveling through the western United States?
(a) He becomes a university professor for the summer.
(b) He finds another job as an attorney.
(c) He goes to work for TWA.
(d) He goes back to work in a children's hospital.

10. Why does Frank have a checking account?
(a) He starts his own account when he gets his first job.
(b) He never has a checking account; he only pretends he does.
(c) He has to have a checking account to get a job.
(d) His father sets one up for him a year earlier.

11. How does Frank get his pilot's license?
(a) He steals one from a pilot and adds his own name.
(b) He buys one from a company that prints licenses.
(c) He forges one himself using a typewriter.
(d) He has a plaque made and then has the plaque copied.

12. Why does Frank decide to live with his father?
(a) He is angry with his mother for moving out.
(b) He does not want to live with his siblings.
(c) He pities his father, who still loves his mother.
(d) He gets along better with his father than his mother.

13. How long does Frank usually stay in a new apartment?
(a) Long enough to have a new box of checks delivered to him.
(b) Long enough to wait until his next deadhead flight.
(c) Long enough to throw the police off his trail.
(d) Long enough to finish a relationship with his current girlfriend.

14. Why does Frank accept the job as a supervising resident, even though he knows that he is not qualified to practice medicine?
(a) He thinks he knows enough about medicine to fake it.
(b) He thinks that he learns the job as he goes along by watching the interns.
(c) He needs the money while he is living in Atlanta.
(d) The hospital tells him he does not actually have to practice medicine.

15. Why can't Frank earn a decent living at an ordinary job?
(a) He never gets his high school diploma.
(b) He is a wanted criminal.
(c) He is not good at learning new things.
(d) He is too young to get a good job.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following groups of people is NOT conned by Frank?

2. How does Frank's supervisor at the Attorney General's office treat him?

3. Why does Frank agree to take the bar and start posing as a lawyer?

4. What does Frank do for a living when he first moves into the River Bend complex?

5. Why does Frank finally leave the hospital?

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