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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Frank test out what he learns about airline terms and procedures?
(a) He asks a Pan Am employee whether his disguise works.
(b) He asks a stewardess for a date.
(c) He hangs out at LaGuardia and meets pilots and stewardesses.
(d) He immediately deadheads on a flight.

2. What incident scares Frank into thinking about resigning?
(a) He gets bored with the practice of medicine.
(b) He becomes faint at the sight of blood.
(c) He doesn't know what to do for a blue baby.
(d) A nurse becomes suspicious of him.

3. What kind of a deal does Frank make with the gas station attendant?
(a) He works to pay for gas instead of paying for it with his credit card.
(b) He charges tires, but sells them back to the gas station for less than they are worth.
(c) He uses his credit card to pay back the money he owes.
(d) He uses his gas card to buy groceries and other items as well as gas.

4. What does Frank do if he suspects the police are starting to catch up with him?
(a) He deadheads to another city.
(b) He asks around to find out if anyone is looking for him.
(c) He gets a legitimate job for a while.
(d) He stays with a girlfriend for a few days.

5. Which of the following groups of people is NOT conned by Frank?
(a) Hotel staff.
(b) Pilots and copilots.
(c) Stewardesses.
(d) The police.

6. What does Frank's ability to pass the bar exam prove?
(a) Anyone can be a lawyer.
(b) He is smart enough to finish school and get a good job.
(c) Frank should stay in his job as an attorney.
(d) It is easy to cheat on the bar exam.

7. Which of the following does NOT help Frank to avoid being caught by the FBI while he is living in Atlanta?
(a) The FBI are looking in the wrong city.
(b) The FBI are looking for a fake pilot.
(c) Frank does not need to cash any fake checks.
(d) Frank researches his new role carefully.

8. Why does Frank end up leaving his job as an attorney?
(a) He decides that it is time to move on in case the FBI is catching up.
(b) He misses traveling around the country as a pilot.
(c) He meets another Harvard man who becomes suspicious.
(d) He gets tired of being treated like a gopher.

9. Why does Frank decide to live with his father?
(a) He is angry with his mother for moving out.
(b) He pities his father, who still loves his mother.
(c) He does not want to live with his siblings.
(d) He gets along better with his father than his mother.

10. What does Frank do for a living when he first moves into the River Bend complex?
(a) He immediately starts working as a pediatrician.
(b) He gets a part-time job in a local warehouse.
(c) He doesn't earn any money; he just enjoys the single life.
(d) He continues to pose as a pilot but stops deadheading.

11. What does Frank give as his address when he stays at hotels?
(a) He lists Pan Am's address in New York.
(b) He gives General Delivery, New York as his address.
(c) He makes up a phony address.
(d) He lists whatever hotel he stays at last.

12. What mistake does Frank's father have expunged from Frank's record?
(a) Truancy from school.
(b) His credit card scheme.
(c) Forging a check.
(d) His arrest for stealing a car.

13. How does Frank manage to keep track of the information he collects?
(a) He keeps it all in his head.
(b) He takes notes in a notebook.
(c) He does not bother to keep track of it all.
(d) He uses an electronic organizer.

14. Why does Frank enjoy attending a Methodist church?
(a) He knows that many of his clients are Methodists.
(b) He is genuinely interested in becoming a Methodist.
(c) He hopes to meet women at church.
(d) He has the chance to work with kids as a volunteer.

15. How does Frank get to know the staff at a pediatric hospital?
(a) A doctor friend takes him there and introduces him to the staff.
(b) He hangs around the hospital to prepare for his new role.
(c) He does research on the staff by looking up doctors in the hospital directory.
(d) He poses as a student writer and interviews hospital staff members.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Frank need to fill out in order to deadhead on a flight?

2. Why does Frank later realize that it is just as well that he leaves Atlanta when he does?

3. How is Frank affected by his parents' divorce?

4. Why is Frank forced to pose as a lawyer?

5. Why does Frank think he doesn't get in much trouble if he is caught?

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