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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Afterword and Q&A with the Author.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Frank escape from the plane that is bringing him back to the United States?
(a) He unsnaps the toilet and drops through the hole onto the tarmac.
(b) He remains on the plane, hiding, after the other passengers deplane.
(c) He gets on the wrong plane when he is leaving Sweden.
(d) He talks the FBI agents into letting him go to the bathroom and then runs away.

2. How does Frank manage to keep track of the information he collects?
(a) He uses an electronic organizer.
(b) He takes notes in a notebook.
(c) He does not bother to keep track of it all.
(d) He keeps it all in his head.

3. How does Frank find a place to stay after he runs away?
(a) He becomes homeless and has to live on the streets.
(b) He puts his apartment rent on his credit card bill.
(c) He forges checks to pay for hotel rooms.
(d) He convinces a friend's parents that he is an orphan.

4. How does Frank keep his stewardess interns from asking questions of other stewardesses they meet while they are traveling?
(a) He tells them that they are part of an illegal scheme and are arrested if they tell anyone.
(b) He tells them they are on a special assignment and should only ask questions of him personally.
(c) He tells them that asking questions invalidates their internships.
(d) He tells them that they are sent home if they tell anyone what they are doing.

5. Why does Frank later realize that it is just as well that he leaves Atlanta when he does?
(a) Because patients at the hospital where he works are complaining.
(b) Because a paper trail leads straight to his apartment at River Bend.
(c) Because he is easily identified by any of the people he works with.
(d) Because he has an FBI inspector concentrating on his case alone now.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Frank convince a Miami bank manager to cash a personal check for $15,000?

2. Why does Frank decide to stop posing as a pilot for a while?

3. How does Frank handle the questions about his trip to Dallas?

4. How does Frank get a Pan Am uniform?

5. Why does Frank decide to start forging large corporate checks?

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