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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 8, "A Small Crew Will Do - It's Just a Paper Airplane".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What bonus does Frank get from a Pan Am stewardess on vacation in Mexico?
(a) He gets a copy of her passport and starts printing his own passports.
(b) He finds out more about what Pan Am pilot's uniforms should look like.
(c) He cashes a check for her and keeps her paycheck to use as a template.
(d) He gets more information about the way Pan Am works.

2. How does Frank get a temporary license to practice medicine in Georgia?
(a) He forges one himself.
(b) He copies a license belonging to another doctor.
(c) He says that he has a license but is never asked to show it.
(d) He is interviewed by a panel of doctors.

3. How does Frank get a Pan Am uniform?
(a) He steals one from a pilot's luggage.
(b) He buys one from a uniform supply store.
(c) He calls Pan Am and tells them his uniform is stolen.
(d) He buys a generic uniform and sews stripes onto the cuffs.

4. How does Frank pay for his hotel bill while he is traveling as a pilot?
(a) He uses a Pan Am check that he forges.
(b) He has the hotels bill Pan Am for his rooms.
(c) He uses a phony check.
(d) He uses a real check from an overdrawn account.

5. How does Frank manage to steal deposits from ordinary bank customers?
(a) He makes up account numbers and some turn out to be accurate.
(b) He finds out how to get account numbers from customers.
(c) He phones people pretending to be from their banks.
(d) He types his account number on a pile of deposit slips.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Frank find out about airline procedures and routines?

2. How does Frank dupe Cheryl?

3. Why doesn't Frank call his parents when he returns to New York?

4. Why is it so hard for the FBI to find out anything about Frank?

5. Why does Frank's plan work?

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