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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 8, "A Small Crew Will Do - It's Just a Paper Airplane".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is it lucky for Frank that he decides to buy a car?
(a) Because now he has a quick way to leave any location if he needs to.
(b) Because the FBI are tracking him through rental cars that he abandons at airports.
(c) Because now he can go out on dates.
(d) Because now he can travel without having to deadhead his way across the country.

2. Why does Frank feel it is important to pay the bail bondsman?
(a) He likes the bail bondsman personally.
(b) His code of honor requires it.
(c) He thinks he may need to be bailed out again some other day.
(d) He hopes the bail bondman does not talk to O'Riley if he is paid.

3. Why does Frank end up leaving his job as an attorney?
(a) He meets another Harvard man who becomes suspicious.
(b) He gets tired of being treated like a gopher.
(c) He misses traveling around the country as a pilot.
(d) He decides that it is time to move on in case the FBI is catching up.

4. How long does Frank usually stay in a new apartment?
(a) Long enough to finish a relationship with his current girlfriend.
(b) Long enough to have a new box of checks delivered to him.
(c) Long enough to wait until his next deadhead flight.
(d) Long enough to throw the police off his trail.

5. Who is the first victim of Frank's cons?
(a) His mother.
(b) His friends.
(c) His teacher.
(d) His father.

Short Answer Questions

1. What technology, which does not exist at the time, might have stopped Frank's crime spree?

2. What skills must Frank possess in order to pass himself off as a doctor?

3. Who does Frank confess to?

4. What con does Frank commit at the very beginning of the book?

5. Why does Frank accept the job as a supervising resident, even though he knows that he is not qualified to practice medicine?

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