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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5, "A Law Degree Is Just an Illegal Technicality".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What impression might a reader form about Frank's character from the first chapter?
(a) He does not like to have to think anything through.
(b) He is very greedy and dreams of having many possessions.
(c) He likes to find creative ways to avoid following the rules.
(d) He likes to follow the rules and play by the book.

2. Why does Frank want to deadhead on a flight out of New York City?
(a) He wants to see the world.
(b) He suspects the police are looking for him.
(c) He wants to visit relatives in another city.
(d) He has to in order to be believable as a pilot.

3. Why is Frank forced to pose as a lawyer?
(a) An old girlfriend remembers that he tells her he has a law degree from Harvard.
(b) He needs a job that allows him to avoid the FBI.
(c) He is looking for a job that helps him to earn a good salary.
(d) He wants to find a job where he cannot accidentally kill anyone.

4. What mistake does Frank's father have expunged from Frank's record?
(a) His credit card scheme.
(b) Truancy from school.
(c) Forging a check.
(d) His arrest for stealing a car.

5. What does Frank decide to do after traveling through the western United States?
(a) He becomes a university professor for the summer.
(b) He goes back to work in a children's hospital.
(c) He goes to work for TWA.
(d) He finds another job as an attorney.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Frank feel safe from the law while he is working as an attorney?

2. Why does Frank tell the sales representative that he needs to order 200 I.D. cards when he really only needs one for himself?

3. How does Frank earn a living when he first runs away from home?

4. Why does Frank's plan work?

5. What explanation does Frank give the state's attorney's office for his decision to stop working as a pilot?

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