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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4, "If I'm a Kid Doctor, Where's My Jar of Lollipops".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does NOT make Frank nervous the first time he deadheads on a flight?
(a) Trying to find the jumpseat in the cockpit.
(b) Answering questions from the pilot and copilot during the flight.
(c) Having to present his pilot's license and I.D. card.
(d) Waiting while an airline employee calls the FAA tower.

2. Why does Frank's plan work?
(a) Because it is so brazen.
(b) Because it is so simple.
(c) Because it is impossible to detect.
(d) Because it relies on the kindness of strangers.

3. Why doesn't Frank worry that the hotels may call the police?
(a) He thinks that he is several steps ahead of the police.
(b) He is certain he leaves no trail for police to follow.
(c) He feels sure that his crimes are small compared to others they must solve.
(d) He is certain that as a juvenile, he cannot be charged.

4. What event in his personal life serves as the trigger for Frank to become a juvenile delinquent?
(a) His first arrest.
(b) His parents' divorce.
(c) Moving in with his father.
(d) Getting his first credit card.

5. How does Frank test out what he learns about airline terms and procedures?
(a) He hangs out at LaGuardia and meets pilots and stewardesses.
(b) He asks a stewardess for a date.
(c) He immediately deadheads on a flight.
(d) He asks a Pan Am employee whether his disguise works.

Short Answer Questions

1. What incident scares Frank into thinking about resigning?

2. When he realizes that airline employees are suspicious of him, how does Frank gather more information about his role as a pilot?

3. What skills must Frank possess in order to pass himself off as a doctor?

4. How does Frank find out what a "blue baby" is?

5. Who is the first victim of Frank's cons?

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