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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4, "If I'm a Kid Doctor, Where's My Jar of Lollipops".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Frank prove that he really is employed by Pan Am?
(a) He gives the officers names of pilots and stewardesses who can vouch for him.
(b) He convinces the officers by talking and using terminology only a pilot would know.
(c) He has the officers call Pan Am's business office and ask about him.
(d) He shows the officers his phony I.D. and pilot's license.

2. How does Frank avoid blowing his cover while he is working at the hospital?
(a) He presents himself as a jokester.
(b) He talks to the nurses to find out what he needs to know.
(c) He spends a lot of time doing research.
(d) He presents himself as distant and all-knowing.

3. Why doesn't Frank worry that the hotels may call the police?
(a) He is certain that as a juvenile, he cannot be charged.
(b) He thinks that he is several steps ahead of the police.
(c) He feels sure that his crimes are small compared to others they must solve.
(d) He is certain he leaves no trail for police to follow.

4. What impression might a reader form about Frank's character from the first chapter?
(a) He likes to follow the rules and play by the book.
(b) He likes to find creative ways to avoid following the rules.
(c) He is very greedy and dreams of having many possessions.
(d) He does not like to have to think anything through.

5. How does Frank earn the respect of the hospital's interns?
(a) He shows them how much he knows.
(b) He questions every choice they make.
(c) He lets them practice medicine.
(d) He tells them what to do.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Frank feel about being sent to reform school?

2. Why does deadheading to Dallas give Frank a nervous moment?

3. Where does Frank get the Pan Am logo for his I.D. card?

4. Why does Frank decide to stop posing as a pilot for a while?

5. How is Frank affected by his parents' divorce?

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