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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 7, "How to Tour Europe on a Felony a Day".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How long does Frank usually stay in a new apartment?
(a) Long enough to wait until his next deadhead flight.
(b) Long enough to have a new box of checks delivered to him.
(c) Long enough to throw the police off his trail.
(d) Long enough to finish a relationship with his current girlfriend.

2. What does Frank have Papa Lavalier print before he returns to New York?
(a) 1,500 personal checks for Frank.
(b) A second set of phony identification cards.
(c) Three hundred copies of a cashier's check for $1,200.00.
(d) 10,000 more payroll checks for Pan Am.

3. What does Frank decide to do to make it possible for him to cash more bad checks?
(a) He decides to forge some new identification.
(b) He decides to pose as an airline pilot.
(c) He decides to open a new account in a different bank.
(d) He decides to go to more places where he is not known.

4. How much does Frank make from his heist of the bank's night depository?
(a) More than $10,000.00.
(b) More than a million dollars.
(c) More than $62,000.00.
(d) More than $20,000.00.

5. What incident scares Frank into thinking about resigning?
(a) He gets bored with the practice of medicine.
(b) He doesn't know what to do for a blue baby.
(c) He becomes faint at the sight of blood.
(d) A nurse becomes suspicious of him.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Frank enjoy attending a Methodist church?

2. Why does Frank agree to take the bar and start posing as a lawyer?

3. Whose intervention saves Frank from being turned over to the FBI while he is in jail in Boston?

4. If Frank gets a regular job, which of the following professions do you think he is best suited for?

5. What explanation does Frank give the state's attorney's office for his decision to stop working as a pilot?

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