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Timothy White
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who did Cedella marry in Chapter 9, "Natural Mystic"?
(a) Edward Booker.
(b) Omeriah Malcolm.
(c) Toddy Livingston.
(d) Captain Marley.

2. Who did Marley sign a contract with in Chapter 12, "Coming In From the Cold"?
(a) JAD and Cayman Music.
(b) Island Records.
(c) Jamaica Recording and Publishing Studio, Ltd.
(d) Jamaican Records.

3. What popular label in Jamaica did the Wailers release a song on in Chapter 13, "Crisis"?
(a) JAD and Cayman Music.
(b) Jamaica Recording and Publishing Studio, Ltd.
(c) Tuff Gong.
(d) Jamaican Records.

4. What did the band do when they were not rehearing or recording?
(a) Hang around at Island House.
(b) Argue with one another.
(c) Fly to other countries.
(d) Go swimming in the ocean.

5. Who had left the Wailers by Chapter 14, "Who the Cap Fit"?
(a) Bunny and Peter.
(b) Winston and Bob.
(c) Peter and Winston.
(d) Bob and Bunny.

Short Answer Questions

1. What concert was Bob asked to do that would be sponsored by the Jamaican Ministry of Culture?

2. According to Chapter 14, "Who the Cap Fit", who was always the last to bed and first to rise in the house?

3. What record company gained the rights to "Catch a Fire"?

4. Who wanted to sign the Wailers to his record label in Chapter 13, "Crisis"?

5. Where were the Wailers sent to stimulate some interest in the label and music in Chapter 13, "Crisis"?

Short Essay Questions

1. How did Marley get in a bad situation which culminates with a shooting before the "Smile Jamaica" concert?

2. How did Marley disprove rumors that he would not be as good as he once was when he returned to Jamaica?

3. What did the Wailers do while Marley is in Delaware?

4. How was "Catch a Fire" released, and how was it received?

5. What happened during the Wailers' tour in America to promote "Catch a Fire"?

6. When and why did Marley decide to marry Rita?

7. Describe Rita's meeting with Haile Selassie.

8. How did Bob tell Cedella about his marriage?

9. What happened at the Wailers' show on December 25, 1964?

10. After Marley returned to Jamaica, how did the Wailers afford their recordings?

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