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Timothy White
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who was Bob given the opportunity to sing for in Chapter 6, "Small Axe"?
(a) Peter Tosh.
(b) Chris Blackwell.
(c) Leslie Kong.
(d) Coxsone Dodd.

2. Where did Captain Marley take Bob upon Bob's arrival in Kingston in Chapter 4, "Bad Card"?
(a) Directly to school.
(b) To his own home.
(c) To a nice house in the rich part of town.
(d) To a decrepit house on Heywood Street.

3. Who did Garvey claim would be the Redeemer?
(a) The White Queen.
(b) The Black Queen.
(c) The Black King.
(d) The White King.

4. What did the rumors spread about Ras Tafari's childhood refer to?
(a) His relationship with priests and other learned people.
(b) His supernatural powers.
(c) His friendships with women.
(d) His parents' sudden and unexplained deaths.

5. What was the name of Rita's daughter?
(a) Sharon.
(b) Cedella.
(c) Pearl.
(d) Nita.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why did Cedella go to the courthouse a few days after visiting Captain Marley?

2. What entered Bob's eye while he was working as a welder?

3. Who wrote to Cedella inviting Bob to Kingston?

4. Where did Cedella decide to move when she discovered she was pregnant for a second time?

5. Who did Bob hang out with in Kingston?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who were the members of the Wailers, and who offered them a contract?

2. Describe the interaction between Bob and Cedella in Chapter 9, "Natural Mystic".

3. How did Bob and Bunny react when radios become popular in their neighborhood?

4. What did Bob and Bunny learn in Kingston?

5. Describe Ras Tafari's childhood.

6. How did Cedella meet and marry Captain Marley?

7. What caused Peter and Bunny to withdraw further from the Wailers in Chapter 15, "Redemption Song"?

8. What happened to Leslie Kong when he tried to re- release the Wailers' old tracks for pure profit?

9. What disturbed Bob and Rita's sleep at her place, and what was the result of this event?

10. How did Rita Anderson become involved with Bob Marley?

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