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Timothy White
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who still frequented Island House, despite developing his own work?
(a) Peter Tosh.
(b) Coxsone Dodd.
(c) Leslie Kong.
(d) Bunny Livingston.

2. Who suggested that Marley and Johnny Nash go to Sweden in 1970?
(a) Blackwell.
(b) Dodd.
(c) Sims.
(d) Kong.

3. What news did Bob break to his mother in stages?
(a) His marriage.
(b) His parenthood.
(c) His decision to quit music.
(d) His career in music.

4. Why was the militia preemptively called in during the third annual independence parade in Kingston?
(a) To break up fights.
(b) To prevent upheaval.
(c) This did not occur.
(d) To scare the Wailers.

5. What did the meeting between Selassie and Rita ultimately affect?
(a) Rita leaving Bob.
(b) Rita's career in music.
(c) Bob Marley's early demise.
(d) Bob's increased popularity.

6. Who quickly became a musical prophet for Jamaicans?
(a) Bunny Livingston.
(b) Bob Marley.
(c) Winston Matthews.
(d) Peter Tosh.

7. When Marley ran out of money to produce his own records, who helped him out?
(a) Bunny.
(b) Rita.
(c) Cedella.
(d) Coxsone.

8. Why would Bob need to sponsor Rita?
(a) If she chose to adopt a child.
(b) If he liked America.
(c) If she developed an alcohol addiction.
(d) If she became addicted to marijuana.

9. What record company gained the rights to "Catch a Fire"?
(a) Jamaica Recording and Publishing Studio, Ltd.
(b) JAD and Cayman Music.
(c) Island Records.
(d) Jamaican Records.

10. How did Cedella feel about Bob's dream in Chapter 11, "Rat Race"?
(a) Bob never told Cedella about his dream in Chapter 11.
(b) She felt it was insignificant.
(c) She felt it was an important sign.
(d) She felt he should pray about it.

11. Who had left the Wailers by Chapter 14, "Who the Cap Fit"?
(a) Bob and Bunny.
(b) Bunny and Peter.
(c) Winston and Bob.
(d) Peter and Winston.

12. Who was blamed when a fight broke out at the Wailer's show on Christmas morning of 1964?
(a) The Doors.
(b) The Wailers.
(c) Coxsone Dodd.
(d) The police.

13. What was placed outside the house for three days after Omeriah's death?
(a) His wife.
(b) His body.
(c) His clothes.
(d) His bed.

14. What did Jamaicans fear which caused them to hide inside on July 7, 1977?
(a) The month of July.
(b) Bob Marley.
(c) The heat.
(d) The number 7.

15. Who did Omeriah bequeath his entire estate to?
(a) Bob Marley.
(b) Bunny Livingston.
(c) Peter Tosh.
(d) Winston Matthews.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who wrote a long letter to Bob in February?

2. Who worked hard to make the Wailers a success?

3. How were women seen in Rita's new religion?

4. Who were the two new additions to Marley's house in Chapter 12, "Coming In From the Cold"?

5. Who wanted Marley's ring from Wossen after Marley's death?

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