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Timothy White
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Cedella found Bob in Chapter 4, "Bad Card", whose care was he under?
(a) Captain Marley.
(b) Omeriah.
(c) Robert Nesta.
(d) Miss Grey.

2. Why did Cedella lose her case?
(a) Because she could not afford the court fees.
(b) Because she did not bring a lawyer with her.
(c) Because she had no grounds for her case.
(d) Because Bob testified against his mother.

3. Besides European influence, what type of traditions was Ras Tafari raised with?
(a) Jamaican mystic traditions.
(b) Native American traditions.
(c) Shoan-Amharic traditions.
(d) He never revealed the traditions he was raised with.

4. Where did Cedella decide to move in Chapter 4, "Bad Card"?
(a) Wilmington.
(b) New York.
(c) Nine Miles.
(d) Kingston.

5. What did Marley call himself?
(a) The One.
(b) The Wailer.
(c) The Black King.
(d) The Duppy Conqueror.

6. What did Bob think about his new neighborhood in Chapter 6 "Small Axe"?
(a) He found it monotonous and boring.
(b) He got into fights every day because he was poorer than his neighbors.
(c) He thought it suited him perfectly.
(d) He liked it much better than his old neighborhood.

7. Who was Ras Tafari born to?
(a) Bob Marley.
(b) Haile Selassie.
(c) Ras Makonnen.
(d) Asfa Wossen.

8. What country does Ras Tafari become leader of?
(a) South Africa.
(b) Jamaica.
(c) Ethiopia.
(d) Italy.

9. What had Bob already began in regards to a career in Chapter 6, "Small Axe"?
(a) Nothing.
(b) Applying to colleges.
(c) His apprenticeship.
(d) Composing songs.

10. What did the band's competitors have that the Wailers began to get jealous of in Chapter 8, "People Get Ready"?
(a) Women fawning all over them.
(b) Groupies to carry their equipment.
(c) Higher-quality recordings.
(d) More expensive instruments.

11. Who was the most respected citizen in Nine Miles?
(a) Omeriah Malcolm.
(b) Robert Malcolm.
(c) Nesta Marley.
(d) Cedella Marley.

12. Who was convinced that an evil spirit is trying to do bad things to Cedella's child?
(a) Omeriah, her father.
(b) Pearl, her sister.
(c) Cedella.
(d) Captain Marley, her husband.

13. How did Bob react to seeing his father for the first time?
(a) He faints.
(b) He cries.
(c) He hits the man.
(d) He runs away.

14. Why did Bob tell his mother not to worry about his father's remarriage?
(a) Captain Marley was going to die soon anyway.
(b) Bob did not tell his mother not to worry.
(c) Karma would repay Captain Marley.
(d) They did not need Captain Marley anyway.

15. What did Captain Marley's new wife realize during his conversation with Cedella?
(a) That Bob was coming to live with his father.
(b) That Captain Marley had several children.
(c) That Cedella was crazy.
(d) That Captain Marley had been married before.

Short Answer Questions

1. How was a girl in Bob's culture seen if she was not pregnant by the time she was out of her teens?

2. Why was a pact made to prevent Tafari from gaining power?

3. Where did the boys in Kingston learn to be more independent and more mischievous?

4. Why did Bob want to look more like a white person?

5. What did Marley witness that shattered his illusions of grandeur with the African people?

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