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Timothy White
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 8: People Get Ready.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was Bob Marley's nickname during his childhood?
(a) Bunny.
(b) Bobby.
(c) Boo.
(d) Nesta.

2. What did Cedella's husband tell her the day after their marriage?
(a) He has a wife in another country.
(b) He is cheating on her.
(c) He is leaving Nine Miles never to return.
(d) He does not believe her child is really his.

3. How did Rita's aunt Viola respond to finding Rita and Bob in her house?
(a) She shot at them.
(b) She kicked them out.
(c) She invited them to stay.
(d) She called the police.

4. Who became king of Ethiopia, granting Garvey renown and fame for predicting it in America and Jamaica?
(a) Bob Marley.
(b) Haile Selassie.
(c) Asfa Wossen.
(d) Peter Tosh.

5. What happened when Rita stayed the night with Bob?
(a) They never spoke again.
(b) She was attacked by the evil things he had described earlier.
(c) They got married.
(d) She was harassed by his nosy neighbors.

Short Answer Questions

1. How was a girl in Bob's culture seen if she was not pregnant by the time she was out of her teens?

2. What did Captain Marley's new wife realize during his conversation with Cedella?

3. Why did Bob tell his mother not to worry about his father's remarriage?

4. What country does Ras Tafari become leader of?

5. What year did the Wailers become highly successful on summer stage shows?

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