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Timothy White
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 10: Stir It Up.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who arrived in Jamaica shortly after the Wailers released their single, "Rude Boy"?
(a) Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King.
(b) Haile Selassie.
(c) Cedella Marley.
(d) Asfa Wossen.

2. Where did Cedella and Bob move in Chapter 6, "Small Axe"?
(a) Kingston.
(b) Trench Town.
(c) Wilmington.
(d) Nine Miles.

3. What was special about Tafari's ring?
(a) It would randomly disappear from his hand.
(b) It never left his hand.
(c) It contained a very rare moonstone.
(d) It was thought to contain elements of Solomon's famous ring.

4. What became popular in Bob's neighborhood in Chapter 6, "Small Axe"?
(a) Cinema.
(b) Radios.
(c) Women.
(d) The Wailers.

5. Why was the militia preemptively called in during the third annual independence parade in Kingston?
(a) To prevent upheaval.
(b) To scare the Wailers.
(c) To break up fights.
(d) This did not occur.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Bob hope to do by leaving Jamaica in Chapter 10, "Stir It Up"?

2. What was Ras Tafari promised from birth that he did not inherit?

3. What happened when Rita stayed the night with Bob?

4. What did "Rude Boy" describe?

5. Who accompanied Bob on the bus ride to Kingston?

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