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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Once he gets off the phone with Dido, Tycho goes outside. What is he planning to do?
(a) Have a cigarette.
(b) Watch the street for any sign of Angela.
(c) Go to look for Angela.
(d) Watch Jupiter.

2. What do Angela and Tycho notice about the state of the car that was involved in the accident?
(a) It has no bumpers.
(b) It is oozing gasoline.
(c) It is smoldering.
(d) It's in surprisingly good shape.

3. What traumatic event happens just after Tycho and Angela spot a car they think is Dido's as they walk toward her house?
(a) The car catches fire.
(b) The car crashes into one of the uprights on the bridge.
(c) The car speeds up and passes by them.
(d) The car plummets off the bridge.

4. Although the midnight encounter with Angela has changed Tycho in some ways, Chapter 13 demonstrates that he is still his usual practical self. How?
(a) He takes an umbrella in case it starts to rain.
(b) When Angela suggests he get rid of his jacket, he says it is not worn out yet.
(c) He insists on making sure they have enough bus fare before they leave the house.
(d) He checks to make sure there is gas in the car before they drive off.

5. In Chapter 11, what book is Tycho reading?
(a) "Amalthea, the Red Moon of Jupiter."
(b) "The Catalogue of the Universe."
(c) "Black Holes and Other Mysteries."
(d) "The Bible."

Short Answer Questions

1. When Angela and Tycho arrive at the scene of the car accident, who asks for their help?

2. Who keeps staring at Angela while she waits in Roland's office?

3. Who arrives just as Angela and Tycho are preparing to leave the accident scene in search of a phone?

4. Before Tycho and Angela leave for her house in Chapter 13, what do they do?

5. Who interrupts the discussion between Angela and Roland?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe what happens when Angela first appears in Tycho's house at midnight.

2. What does Angela say and do that illustrates that she has changed her mind about Tycho and wants to change the nature of their relationship?

3. Angela and Tycho react in very different ways to the accident. How does each react?

4. After the accident, Tycho returns home to find his family in an uproar. What has happened to upset the Potters?

5. During her confrontation with her father, Angela learns the extent to which Dido has fabricated the story of her birth and Roland's attitude. What does she learn?

6. When Tycho learns what has happened in Roland's office, he tries to comfort Angela. How? And how does Angela respond?

7. While Tycho is outside on the porch, Richard calls from the party. What does Richard say, and what does this mean for the unfolding of the story?

8. After Angela and Tycho drag Jerry from the car, what do they do?

9. Dido finally tells Angela the whole story of the relationship between her and Roland. What does Angela find out?

10. Once Tycho's family has gone to Africa's party, he decides to call Angela. Describe what happens when he does.

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