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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. During their phone call, Dido tells Tycho that she is worried. What is she worried about?
(a) That Angela has been in an accident.
(b) That Angela might harm herself.
(c) That Angela has run away.
(d) That Angela will not forgive her for the mistruths she has told about Roland.

2. Although the midnight encounter with Angela has changed Tycho in some ways, Chapter 13 demonstrates that he is still his usual practical self. How?
(a) He checks to make sure there is gas in the car before they drive off.
(b) When Angela suggests he get rid of his jacket, he says it is not worn out yet.
(c) He takes an umbrella in case it starts to rain.
(d) He insists on making sure they have enough bus fare before they leave the house.

3. Dido explains why she didn't answer the phone the previous night. What does she say?
(a) She took the phone off the hook so she could sleep.
(b) She was out for a walk and missed the call.
(c) She was angry at Angela and didn't want to speak with her.
(d) Angela must have dialed a wrong number.

4. When she suddenly appears at his house, Angela asks Tycho if she can ____.
(a) Wash her hair.
(b) Have a bath.
(c) Take a shower.
(d) Borrow some money.

5. Who arrives just as Angela and Tycho are preparing to leave the accident scene in search of a phone?
(a) Mrs. Cherry.
(b) The paramedics.
(c) Dido.
(d) Roland.

Short Answer Questions

1. While Tycho's family is at the party, who telephones the house near midnight?

2. When Angela tells Roland about growing up poor, what does he disclose to her?

3. Early in the novel, Tycho made a prediction, which he now learns has come true. What did he predict?

4. Roland seems to know that Angela is shocked by what he has told her. What does he say to try to make her feel better?

5. Before Tycho and Angela leave for her house in Chapter 13, what do they do?

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